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Triumph TR6 - Performance Addons for @ TR6 - Most Bang for Buck..

I am recently putting some money into my TR6 and was wondering what addition would give me the most bang for the buck ? I am trying to keep it as "stockish" as possible.. No "drop a small block in it"...

Of the following what will each do for me
* New air filters for Carbs (already bought, haven't istalled, just curious.. More for cosmetic)
* Replace Needles in ZS's with Jets
* Electronic Ignition
* Higher voltage coil (what voltage does what?)
* New Wires
* New Manifold
* New exhaust
* Any other tihings you can suggest ?

PS... Its a '72US (No Petrol Injection)no overdrive
Brent C. Wilson

Have a look at TR6 comp. manual (Kastner). It gives what could improve TR6.
Cheers, JGC

First point in performance improvements is not to do too much at one time. Check out TS Imports webpage, he's got a good background and will inform you that the best is headwork and SU carbs replacing your Zenith Strombergs. No financial interest, no prior experience with parts, but I like the way he thinks/talks. Which means you should call him after you view the webpage.
Charlie Gates;

I believe that URL address you gave doesn't have a DNS-entry. May be I miss a slight subtility.
Cheers, JGC

URL should be:

This thread was discussed between 30/08/1999 and 01/02/2000

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