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Triumph TR6 - Permatex Hhylomar vs. Permatex #2

I have used Permatex #2 many times in the past but have heard some talk about Permatex Hylomar. When I reassemble my engine I will try Hylomar. Is Hylomar a substitute for Permatex #2? Or are there still certain uses for Permatex #2? They both are non hardening. Permatex #1 hardens and I don't use that on much of anything.

Just thought I would see if there are any preferences and if one works better than the other.

HP Henry Patterson

Since none of the engine guys have responded, I will say this. When reading official TR6 books it is said to use Hylomar sealants. Better..I do not know. Maybe do a WEB search and see if you can get some opinions.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I was born and grew up in the UK and moved over 5 years ago. I always used Hylomar as this was the only gasket sealant avialable that did not glue the parts together. I think they may have had some tie with locktite?

Permatex and Loctite used to be tied together but broke away a few years ago.

Both Permatex and Hylomar both have web sites that mention nothing about the other. However, Hylomar have a PDF that gives the Loctite equivalent product numbers.

I've used Hylomar (in the UK) and use Permatex here. Even if they are different, the Permatex is a good product and works well for me.

Im sure that if Permatex Blue RTV was avilable in the 70's in the UK, it would have been quoted in the Manual.

Colin Wilson

Thanks guys,

Maybe Permatex bought out Hylomar. The reason I asked the question is because Permatex makes a gasket sealer called Hylomar HPF. So, with Permatex I have 3 choices of sealer...Permatex #1, Permatex #2 and then Permatex Hylomar HPF. You'll see the Permatex Hylomar advertized in the Moss catalog.

HP Henry Patterson

It's probably a Permatex license deal - the Hylomar HPF tubes say "made in the UK" - or at least mine does. I use both. Sometimes the Hylomar is a bit too slick so the gasket squirms. The Permatex comes out then as it tends to hold better for some assembly's. Just guessing, since I haven't looked at any PDF's; the Permatex smells like it's a "heavy" glycol-based material, while the Hylomar seems a heavy, tacky, silicone oil. Maybe I'll read up on it when time permits.
Brent B

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