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Triumph TR6 - Pictures
Joe S

Another Link!
Joe S

now you got me into a pickle. Do I keep the 6 or sell it for the Veyron.
Well since I do not have 1.6 in my pocket at the moment, I think I will keep the 6.
I also went into the SCTOA WEB site and watched the video. Some really cool pictures and video. I am definitely getting excited that spring is near.

OK enough about the 6 since this is really about the Veyron.
Another really cool one is Top Gears' James May taking it out onto the VW test track and taking it up to top speed....407.6 KPH!
This car is so amazing that at top speed, the fuel runs out in 12 minutes because the tires wear out in 15 minutes! The tyres are specially built run flats for that car. Price....I do not think I want to know.

Rick Crawford

You really need one of those things, So we were wondering what's holding you back.....;)
Rod Nichols


1.5M is a lot of money but that is just the beginning.
Insurance $30,000/Yr with $10,000 deductible
Brake job $20,000???? per year??? IF you can find someone over here who can do it.
oil change $3,000
New set of tyres once/yr....$12,000
Tune up probably once /yr ?????? $15,000

I think I read 200 already sold. No wounder they have 12 radiators...they need to operate in desert conditions!
Rick Crawford

Did you ever wonder what the price of petrol is in Saudi Arabia?

Back to Joe's original post.....great pictures!!!!
Thanks for posting that link.
With the unstable weather here, I managed to get my TR6 out for two short drives, the second time, last Sunday, it started lightly snowing on me before I could get back home! The new axles from Richard are great!!

Rod Nichols

IMHO, that insurance premium is way too high and I'm not gonna stand for it! I've definitely decided NOT to buy the Veyron. Anyway, it's an ugly beast; not at all as stylish as a classic TR6.

Bob Evans

This thread was discussed between 18/03/2008 and 22/03/2008

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