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Triumph TR6 - pictures of exhaust...please

good day folks.

Has anyone got a picture of the "mid exhaust" fitting kit of it fitted to the transmission?


lw gilholme

Les= More info please
Stock /modified?
DNK Don Kelly

Don...its a stock stainless steel twin pipes
lw gilholme

K, thanks. Just remembered that that attachment point is different on different models.
Sorry, but I'm no help
Bob is doing work on his

This is all I could find on mine
Bob sent me a bunch of pics with his but can't find them

DNK Don Kelly

Take this link to the Roadster Factory Blu Book and look at parts CA20 to CA27.

The bracket attaches to the trans mount and I might be able to get a pic later today but the setup is pretty clear in the above. I'm attaching the downloaded pic from TRF but copying it loses the part numbers.

Bob Evans

This thread was discussed between 12/11/2013 and 13/11/2013

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