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Triumph TR6 - points gap setting

Help! I misplaced my owner's manual for my 73 TR6 and, for the life of me, can't remember the gap setting for my points. I've ordered a replacement manual and the shop manual as well but the car sits idle in the meantime. I'd really appreciate the help.

This is a terrific site.
J.T. Cruz

J.T Cruz;

.014-.016" should get you close for now. That is the setting for most point settups.

Pete Haburt
Pete Haburt

TR 6's have points?
Don K.

Don K
Rick C told me they were contact set if you are British and points if your are USA. You know how we 'murder' the Queens english.
Bill L

Pete's answer of .014" to .016" matches the Haynes and Bentley books exactly.
Mark H

Gentlemen, thanks for the responses...been very helpful. Being new to this service I don't know whether to begin a new thread, latch onto a current one or ask my question here. I'll begin here and may possibly latch onto an appropriate thread. I'm planning conversion to electronic ignition and have read all that's already been said on the matter. Clearly the Petronix is the preferred choice. However(isn't there always a "but what if" to guam up the works) I live on Guam, a tropical island where heat and humidity are nearly constant conditions. A mechanic acquaintance of mine suggests that an electronic ignition system with external processor is preferable a system with all components enclosed in the distributer. He argues that the heat build up under the cap would damage the electronics mor readily than would occur with an external box. Being neither a mechanic nor electronic engineer/technician i have no clue as to validity of his argument.
J.T. Cruz

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