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Triumph TR6 - polishing carbs

I would like to polish my Zenith Stromberg carbs so that the people at the car shows will need to wear sunglasses to se 'em. What is the best polishes that I can use?

Rick Crawford,
Here's your chance to shine, sort of:)
Doug Baker

I tend to like Simichrome the best.

Zenith Stromberg Carburetor Polish ofcourse!
c.a.e. emenhiser

The lords gift to man.....Autosol.
Comes in a tube. available at any auto supply.

If they are dull now, I suggest to first take a buffing wheel to then attached to a drill mounted in the vise. Apply buffing compound to buffing wheel then go at them. Be carefull...they might want to fly out f your hands. If you have the red decal on them no problem...they can be replaced with new ones (will give that final touch with new ones anyway:).

They will turn black with the buffing wheel. Clean them up with say varsol then start to rub the autosol on with your finger.
Rub it in and they will go even blacker. Now rub with soft cloth and put the dark glasses on and put your new decals on. Future maintenance is much easier process with just the autosol. I still apply it with finger around the decals.
The blacker it gets as you rub the autosol on, the brighter the shine.
OK Doug Baker, I said it.

BUT! there is more to do if you really want that first in class.
You have seen the cars, under the bonnet, that you could " eat off of" well that is first in class. It takes effort initially but each year it is easier.
This does not apply to 30 year old nuts, bolts, and washers. With a body off restoration you will (should) start with all new nuts, bolts, and washers. Or go to local Car Quest and buy boxes of new nuts and bolts. For around $60.00 you can replace pretty well all "visible" nuts and bolts under the hood. The TRF parts books will give you sizes..mostly all the same size just different lengths.
Being new stuff, it is easy to put a shine to them. Rub autosol on the nut, bolt head, and one side of the washer then buff with soft cloth. They will look like polished chrome! Start replacing the old stuff. You will need to remove and polish slightly each year before the car show.

I am probably going to get a hard time on this but all I gotta say is I have the proof this helps/works.
Rick C

Oh Ya, Mr. Kelly, I am coming out to Vancouver WA. so now flack or I will not come up and see you:)

Rick Crawford

just noticed on Google earth that I stay in Kirkland when out there. You are what....15 minutes away?
e-mail me off line....remove the CAPS stuff in my e-mail address.
Rick Crawford

Benji is really about 18 minutes if your staying in the same place. Time for a get together and meet some new folks. Now they can put a cute face with all that Canadian knowledge

Let me know when you are coming to our lovely city. If you are so inclined we can hoist a point or two and swap lies.
Mike Crane '71 TR6
Mike Crane

Hey Rick,

So when are you going to be in the neighborhood? I moved up to Kenmore, WA, closer to Don, and between Don and Benji. I am out of town next week, but would love to figure out what "hoisting a point" means.

Ignatius Rigor

Ig- Sory for the abreviation. Had a long talk w/ Rick today and have got the particulars. I am going to call a meeting of the "boys" and organize a get together . Mike email Rick to arrange one for you. Were going to send that boy back to Canada weary (where they say stuff like "aboot" and say the last letter of "our" alphabet as "zed") . so Ignatius I will be contacting you and any other localwho is interested my e mail is donkellyAT earthlinkDOT net

(not abbreviated)
No problem with you away. Arrive SeaTac Feb 12th 13:00 and drive down to Vancouver for customer Mon. and Tue. Then back up to Kirkland for rest of week. Stay at same hotel. Fly out SeaTac Sun. AM...probably with a hang over:)

Yup, talked with Don on Skype for an hour....the marvels of this internet thing! Gotta see his new indoor parking lot!

Benji, go get some Autosol and a few new nuts and bolts and I will show you how I use it...I am sure Don can spare a cloth for the "demo".

Look forward to seeing Don & Ignatius again and some new faces.
Rick C

Mike...ou got mail
Rick Crawford

Rick What a ou? Must be Canadian for the letter "u"

I'm in...just let me know when you guys are hookin' up. unfortunately, I cannot drive my tr. I've taken the engine out so that I can dress it up for the car shows. Ok Rick..I want ta' see ya' shine!!

it is stated above that you can get new red decals for the carbs. Where can these be purchased. Thanks!
Jeff Shirhall

Rick C
Rick Crawford

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