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Triumph TR6 - Posi Diff?

Hi guys,
I remember about three or four years back the TR cataloges had a Posi rear end for sale. It replaced
the internal workings of our exsisting Diffs.
Anyone else remember this or know what happened to it?
Christopher Trace

I assume you are refering to TRF and if so, they did list a Quaiffe unit under part number TRFCD183. See Plate HF, page 503 of the green volume 2 catalog, item HF7. It still shows up as available on their website to the tune of 1995.95 USD.

If you are looking from a street car standpoint, that unit, the Good Parts Nissan ZX conversion unit or a Salisbury unit could be considered. If you are looking at it from a vintage race standpoint, check the sanctioning body rules. Some are more restrictive than others and would only allow the Slaisbury unit since it would have been available when these cars were being produced.

I chose to go the Good Parts route, it is installed, but has not been run as yet since we are doing a number of things to the car. This means I can tell about the install, but nothing more at this time.

Thanks Steve,
I'll be interested to hear what you have to say
about that nissan diff once you get back on the road.
Christopher Trace

Hi, Chris. I put the Nissan diff & Goodparts kit in my '73 just before Christmas. The differential seems to perform well, although I haven't pushed it hard yet (put in rebuilt rear hub bearings, too, want to break them in). It's the same ratio as the original so acceleration should be uneffected.

The kit is very good and goes together quite well. It comes with the necessary mods so it fits, and polyurethane mounting bushes. Plus it has a drain plug. The drive shaft needs to be shortened, but that shouldn't be an issue. I think it's a good mod for about the same price as a rebuilt stock unit.

Brent B

The one thing that really seems to stand out is that the "torque shear" is gone. I think that's the correct term. I used to notice that the back end would squirm a bit when shifting gears under hard acceleration. The squirm happens exactly when the power is taken off. That is completely gone now with the LS diff. Ahh, but now there is a brief knock when letting out the clutch from standstill. Time to get back underneath and check out all the bolting.
Brent B

This thread was discussed between 16/01/2005 and 21/01/2005

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