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Triumph TR6 - Power antenna

Ok, so I got the whole car running great. All my electrical gremlins are gone(knocking on wood). Now I installed a new cd player, hooked everything up and the new radio sounds good. My question is, the new cd player has a "power antenna" wire and Im gonna take a shot in the dark and say the TR has one. Is there a wire that will hook up to the power antenna so its functional? I hooked up the antenna wire and Im not getting anything. Thanks for all the help so far guys!
SBF Fitzgerald

SB, I think you gotta install a power antenna for this to work!!!
Doug Baker

Have one on the Wedge. Standard equipment

The exhaust is your cd player....jeeze, it's a British Roadster. Drop the top and crank up the exhaust note!
JT White

Gotta agree on that one!!!

Enjoying some fine weather and getting out for a run everyday.

Rick Crawford

ok, well on 3hr drives on the highway I like music. what kind of antennas came on these cars then? because this looks a lot like a power antenna to me
SBF Fitzgerald

It was probably not stock. There is no internal wiring for it but it can be done easily. All you need is a constant hot (purple) and a ground and the ant. lead from the radio.
Piece of cake.

If my 6 was on the road it won't have a radio, but the wedge has a nice one.
For cruising ,you can't beat the comfort of a TR7/8


I bought a standard power antennae at Canadian Tire- a famous car parts store in Canada and fit it in the right front fender between the wheel well and the passenger door (in behind the baffle plates)

Any you buy will come equipped with 3 wires- power, ground and the activation wire that goes to your CD.

Happy motoring with the tunes.

Michael Petryschuk

This thread was discussed between 25/05/2010 and 26/05/2010

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