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Triumph TR6 - Radiator Shroud

Check out this radiator shroud on ebay.
Very nice!!
Doug Campbell

and if I had John's money I'd HAVE me one o' them there things.

VERY pretty.

Jim Deatsch

Very pretty indeed! Also damn expensive - thats the price I paid for a brand new aluminum radiator on ebay!

I wonder if this is a "1-off" or if he has several available.

I'm not a member of ebay so I can't get his address to ask him.
P. Johnston

That is very nice. I made mine out of 10 gage stainless. Made some cardboard templates for the top and seperate side pieces, bent them drilled holes and it looks great for about 20 bucks. think i will get some kind of decal or paint some kind of graphic on mine that looks nice on this one

Hey there Dave from Albany. Almost neighbors.

Join up, just ask John. <G>

Jim Deatsch

The shrouds are also new available.
Look at the following page;

also lots of other nice (exclusive parts)

Eric de Lange

A thought...

I wonder if that part made of metal would not contribute to making the car noisier. I would think that having that large span of un-reinforce metal would resonate, vibrate or oil can and thus make a drumming sound, or act like a sound board to amplify noises.

In the car we have large flat peices of metal (hood and trunk lid) but they are reinforce underneth.

I would think that adding some ridges or hammered in hollows would make it stiffer and stop any vibrations. Unfortunately our TR's are not the smoothest cars and they vibrate and buzz alot compared to a modern car. In new cars much time and money is spent to iron out 'noise, vibration and harshness'

Victoria British has a good replacement for the cardboard type radiator duct. Is made out of ABS plastic, looks good and will last forever, not bad for $59.95. Item number is 15-063.
Angel L. Traverso

ah, now I didn't know about that Angel. Thanks for THAT tip.

Jim Deatsch

I use the 'Goodparts' radiator shroud and it fits perfect, makes no noise and looks great.

John Parfitt
73 5 speed.
Calgary, Canada.
John Parfitt

This thread was discussed between 23/09/2003 and 03/10/2003

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