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Triumph TR6 - rattle from clutch

Recently I have been feeling/ hearing a rattle coming through the clutch pedal (it is not the pedal though) when I start the car, as soon as it warms up it goes away, anyone have any thoughts? THanks, MAtt
74 TR6

Is the 'rattle' constant or does it appear only under certain conditions such as when the pedal is depressed?

Aside from the pedal bushing being worn there really is nothing to rattle in the clutch mechanism itself. Release bearings on the other hand can make a rattling noise when they are about to let loose. This is ususlly only heard with the pedal depressed and the clutch released.

The disappearance of the noise when the engine warms up does not fit into this however, unless your bearing is just entering its death march.


Describe your rattle a little more, Matt. It seems to me a throwout bearing would be more of a squeal. A possiblility is the clutch shaft bushings. Maybe a return spring on the lever that sticks out of the left side of the tranny under the car (holds the actuating rod close to the slave cylinder). Afer writing this so far, that sounds like what it might be. Don't run over your head or anything, but listening under the car may help you pin down the location.

THanks for the return messages. THe rattle starts upon start up and continues for about 10 minutes or until the cr is thouroughly warmed up. It is a rattle (fast pace clanking?) not a squeal. The pedal itself is not moving dramatically, nor is the sound eminating from the pedal, I have check underneath and all seems tight(nothing loose) does this describe it better? THanksd again. MAtt

Okay, let's start at the begining.

When you start the engine you get a rattling noise. How/why have you narrowed it to the clutch assembly?

There are several little things that could be rattling until throughly warmed up. For example, I had an old MOPAR with a bad baffle in a muffler and a Ford pick-up with a loose heat shield on the catylitic converter. Both of these rattled like coins in a can until they heated up.

Aside from the obvious parts on the outside, there is not much in the clutch assembly that would rattle when cold and not when hot. There is an exhaust pipe bracket fitted at the rear tranny support.

Lastly, structurally transmitted noises can be very difficult to chase down. Check the bottom side carefully when the engine and tranny are cold for anything that might be loose or out of place.

Is the noise tinny like sheetmetal or more robust like ball bearings in a coffee can?

Geez I hate errant noises!

the rattle is more robust than sheetmetal. I have narrowed it down to the clitch b/c as soon as I put my foot on clutch pedal it stops. if I keep my foot on pedal as car warms I can feel it stop rattling? Thanks for thoughts, MAtt

Well, it sounds like a clutch thing. Possibly related to thrust bearings? I dunno. Sounds like you will have to pull the tranny and look in there.

I would move the crank back and forth to check for excesive clearance (thrust bearing problem). Find a mechanic that will put it up on the rack and listen for the source. Maybe someone here can recommend a TR expert near you. That's really the best bet.

Okay Matt, one more question.

When you put your foot on the clutch pedal, are you disengaging the clutch (fully depressed), OR, are you just taking up the free play in the pedal before the clutch would start to release (pedal depressed an inch or so), OR, are you simply resting you foot on the pedal and not depressing it at all?

Sorry for all the questions but the different conditions can be different issues.


Matt If the noise goes away when you put your foot on the clutch then the problem is in the gearbox. Check your gearbox oil level as the last bearing to benifit from what oil you have in the box is the input one. Also do not warm your car up with foot on the clutch pedal! the Crank thrust bearings do not appreciate this
Clive P

I normally do not rest my foot on clutch pedal, I just notivced that when I engage clutch it would stop! I will check gearbox oil level, I am usually good about checking it, but will do so, thanks.
ps. CLive I know I need to check the numbers on the jets for the triple webers, just been crazy at work, will do so asap. MAtt

I recently had a sound that sounded like u-joint going. The front one had a cracked cap. I replaced both ends and also the axle joints. While I was there i replaced the drive shaft seal in the differential. The sound continued. In fact it has gotten worse. It happens starting out in first gear and sometimes I feel it going into second. On a couple occasions I have actually felt it throught the shifter and last night for the first time felt a clunk through the clutch peddle. After reading the archives I am thinking this is a clutch related problem. Engine crank endplay is ok, and transmision shifts well although it is a little tough getting reverse sometimes. There is also a shimmy/chatter in reverse. The car is a 75 w/OD. The sound is like a grating terrible sound. Maybe the rivets in the clutch surface. It is not slipping though.
S.M. Stephano

This thread was discussed between 06/10/2005 and 29/10/2005

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