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Triumph TR6 - Re-chroming

Anyone know of a place in Toronto that will re-chrome bumpers and/or wheels?

You can look in the archives. I have seen about 4 or 5 different places that were recommended in the Toronto area

I am also looking at re-chroming. Let me know what your plans are


Olympic Platers on Humberline Dr
Ask for Wendy mention my name.


I just called olympic platers and they don't do custom work ? I did mention your name sir.

What about the Hard top ??? Can we trade for lobster tails :)


its worth the drive, MIDWAY plating in London does great work and are very reasonable

Bob Craske

No such thing as custom platting. Just platting period. They will do it if you pay for it. What they mean is they are a high volume platter, vs one pc run.

But give me a shout there is a a buddy with a smaller opperation off of Carlingview near the airport using airport transfers tonbridge that would take it on too.


Carlingview is around the corner from my office. The contact info would be great.


Pat is the name
Pacific Plating

I used cambridge Custom Chrome in Cambridge ON for my TR6 bumpers.

It costs over $1200 but the job is nice. Just had them done in May of this year.
Michael S. Petryschuk

Michael- Sounds awful steep for north of our border.


What was done exactly for $1200 ?


The price depends on the condition of the bumpers going into the shop. If there are no dents to be repaired - the bumpers are perfect but just need new show-chrome, then you should pay around $400 per bumper. Price goes up from there.

I used Calgary Chrome, had one dent middle of the front bumper and paid $900 all in for a show-chrome job.

John Parfitt
Bragg Creek, Alberta
73 5-Speed.
John Parfitt

To answer Ira,

The actual quote was $1125 for all bumper pieces. I have 4 pieces (front and the three piece back one- no rubber bumber). GST (federal) and PST (provincial) taxes puts it over $1200. Gotta keep the guys in Ottawa nad Toronto employed after all. Also keep in mind that over the past year steel and other metals have escalated in price a fair amount. I think they are coming down again though.

Cambridge plates with copper to remove any pitting. This is done after stripping off the old chrome and sandblasting the base steel. They do not cut and weld. Once the base steel has been smoothed with the copper then they apply the chrome nickel coat. The price also included transport to and from Georgetown which is about 30 miles from Cambridge.

I thought it was steep but another company in Toronto was quoting $1000 and they were going to weld it so I felt I would get a better job from Cambridge. As far as further a field, I couldn't find a custom place although I didn't look very hard. I did try a guy in southern Ontario but when he took a look at the damage from the pitting, he didn't want to get involved.

I guess Detroit and California could be good places to find a custom place that might offer a better deal. If you want to ship them out to Alberta, then perhaps John's guy might be a good way to go.
Michael S. Petryschuk

Ira, BC, Mike,
Mike, I assume that your prices are C$'s. I used Tri-City Plating in Johnson City TN to triple plate my 71 bumpers. Total cost was $620.00, USD. A friend dropped them off. The SH&T was $20.00 to get them back. They stripped them to bare metal, took out a couple of dents and dings; copper plated, nickel plated and then chromed plated. Lifetime guarantee on the chrome plating. I have photos for anyone interested. Your SH&T from Canada should not be exorbitant especially if you consider Greyhound and the quality of the work was show class.
Doug Baker

BC and Ire,
try Precision Platings 520 Speers Rd. in Oakville
905 845 7191
I had my front and back bumbers done there about four years ago, the price $600 cash. Nice job, not show
quality but good.
Christopher T.

I think I was the first to suggest Cambridge Custom.

They are well known in both the US and Canada with a Shop in Buffalo as well. They opened it to accomodate the restorers and rodders south of the boarder that were shipping to them in Canada. I think all work is done in Canada though? They have a truck that hauls stuff up daily.

I haven't dealt with them for a long time but asking around they are still considered the best across North America and do the white or pot metal as well.

Google there Web sight its not fancy but gives an idea of what you get. They only do custom no bodyshop work.

Watch a few Sundays of Car shows and see how often there name comes up in conversations! You won't see an ad by them though.

Bill Brayford

Bill Brayford
Very glad to see you post. It has been a long time since we have received your expertise.
You HAVE been missed.
Hey Bill, e-mail me off line.
Rick Crawford

As Doug points out my prices are in Canadian $$.
Michael S. Petryschuk

This thread was discussed between 28/09/2005 and 12/10/2005

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