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Triumph TR6 - Rear axle Splines

Although there has been quite a bit discussed concerning rear hubs, I haven't seen much on the drive axles. I do not autocross or hillclimb my car, so I haven't even thought about upgrading components to participate in those events. Occasional fast road work is about the most demanding, and that doesn't get too crazy.
However, I have been chasing some 'demons' in the rear suspension/drivetrain. It's been on the hoist several times trying to understand whats happening, and last night, the light bulb finally came on!
the following is a quote from the Moss Europe catalog advertising uprated rear axles:
"......but the problem of spline lock-up has always remained. this manifests itself embarrassingly and often dangerously, when the splines unlock and the rear of the car leaps sideways"

Anybody else chasing this one?

....and Merry Christmas to you all! I hope something gets under your tree form the Richard Good catalog!

Rod Nichols

Things I should have mentioned.....I did the diff mount reinforcement, BPNW's rear tube shock conversion, and Richard Good's trailing arm brackets w/nylatron bushing kit. Good (pun could be intended) stuff, if you're thinking about trying it!
Rod Nichols

I have made the same modifications as you and experience the same hop when exiting a corner under power. It can be unsettling but I have gotten used to it. By the way a fellow club member that is still running the stock lever-action shocks has the same affliction. Where do we stop in improving these cars?
Merry Christmas to you and yours. Look forward to sharing a toddy and cigar at some of next summers events.
Mike Crane
WM Crane

Thanks, see you at Tri-Cities?
Rod Nichols

Splines may need lubrication, particully on the exhaust side as heat may have dried out the lube. Original was lead based, you will have to dig out the gray stuff with a long screwdriver. A local mechanic recomends VW C/V joint lube, comes in plastic bags with instructions to wear rubber gloves & wash hands before smoking etc. I am planning a heat shield on the exhaust pipe above the axle.

Russ Marx
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
R.F. Marx

Thanks for the reply. I have had the axles apart twice in the last 3 years, and tried 2 different greases. Worked for awhile, but both times got 'sticky' again. Once was reinforcing the diff mounts, the other installing Goodparts adjustable trailing arm brackets w/ nylatron bushings. Things worked great for a few months after, then back to the same behavior.

A few days after Christmas, I was looking at the CV axle/uprated hub assembly in the Goodparts catalog, and my wife looked over my shoulder, wondering what I was looking at, and asked when I was going to order 'em.

Now I ask you, fellow TR6 owners, would you need much more encouragement than that?????

The axles still haven't arrived, but I will post as this project continues.

Rod Nichols

This thread was discussed between 20/12/2007 and 28/01/2008

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