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Triumph TR6 - Rear Damper Conversion

I am planning to upgrade my rear suspension by replacing the stock dampers w/ tube shocks. Has anyone had experience with the conversion kits using 205/70/15 tires? I have read that certain kits on the market will not work with tires other that 185/15.



Join the forum (no charge and no credit card info required) and there is a wealth of info in the Archives section on tube shock conversions. I don't think non-members can access the Archives. I have the Moss one- piece bracket kit with KYB's and like the result but did weld a couple of small reinforcing plates near the mounting points to strenghten the area. Still running 185-15's but 205-15's may rub; I'll probably find out this summer when I buy new, larger tires. A buddy's '70 with new lever shocks performs near enough to my conversion to indicate that it's purely a matter of personal preference. Good luck.

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

Bob's correct.I am pretty sure this has come up in the past. As I don't have this set up I don't think it stuck in my head. so go ahead and join. After awhile you'll be as wacko as us!

Shawn, I've had no clearance issues with my 205/70/15's. I've got the KYB's and the simple bracket that mounts in the same holes for the lever shock. It's been a good change-over but I drive pretty laid back. If your very demanding on your suspension then you might ask for more opininons...
c.a.e. emenhiser

Same as Chris (KYB and brackets fitted to original mounting holes) and driving 205/65/15 tires. No problem at all, even when driving hard and fast.
Eric de Lange

Hey Shawn,

I tried two different rear shock conversions on my car and can offer my opinion.

1. The installation is one of the easier ugrades you will do on your car as it is a bolt-on job with no complications. Takes about 20 minutes per side at the most.

2. The KYB is least expensive if budget is a concern. I purchased mine for $150 USD at British Parts Northwest - a good reliable vendor

I didn't like the performance of the KYB - the shocks used for this kit didn't seem to have much rebound control.

3. The Koni kit from "Blind Moose Fabrication"(Herman- the same guy that produces the Toyota 5 speed conversion) is the one I have on the car now and the Koni adjustable shocks are really high end. Koni's are expense. Handling is smooth and controlled - I really like the Koni shocks.

I'm running 205/65/15 wheels.

John P.
Bragg Creek, Alberta

John Parfitt

All, thanks for the feedback. Sounds like the 205s will work ok. I will likely go though BPNW.

Also...I have tried to sign up to this forum several times in the past without success. If anyone has any the web master's email, that would be great.

Shawn 74TR6

The problem with the sign up is MIT. Your way to smart for this bunch!


You give us too much credit!
This forum has been great and very helpful. Have you made any improvements to your car over the winter?


Within the last 2 weeks great strides with the electrics..I'm a little concerned the progress will slow now, I have to slowly get back to work. Waiting for wire and to order a few rocker switches.

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