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Triumph TR6 - rear end noise

Just got the '72 on the road for the first time in 15 years. Motor is running good, stays nice and cool, but is making a lot of clinking noises from the drivetrain as you disengage the clutch. Normally I would suspect a driveshaft u-joint, but this is the first TR6 I've worked on and I admittedly don't know the failure points on the rearend very well. Its really hard to tell from feeling the parts. I couldn't grab the main driveshaft very well because of the exhaust system, but it felt ok. The half shafts felt a bit loose, but this could have been slop in the diff itself. I assume the halfshafts have splines that can wear as well.
So what are the most common fail points?
Bill Mertz

Bill-I don't know about clink, but wear in the splines, worn u-joints, and loose flange bolts, are the usual suspects for clunks. Also, dreaded broken right front diff mount or worn thrust washers in the diff. This is probably a good time to clean&lube the splines as it has probably never been done for at least 15 years, if ever. Happy hunting.
Berry Price
BTP Price

This thread was discussed on 27/05/2006

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