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Triumph TR6 - Rear Floor

Hi Folks

When I stripped the car down, I noticed that when I removed the old sound proofing that the rear foor was covered with what appeared to tile like material. I can find no refernce to this material in any books. I am considering just using 1/8th (no-flamable)floor tile as a replacement unless someone knows better.


lw gilholme

Hi Les ,
I've noticed that material in a few 6's but have not yet figured out why and for ?
Is it not just the floor pan under it ?

Charlie B.


Yes the rear floor/shelve pan is under this hard material then the sound proofing is on top, so it is sandwiched between the metal and sound proof. Who knows what it is intended for, it is the only place I found it.

lw gilholme

Les, Charlie

This material was strickly for sound proofing. It is a hard tar/asphalt material. Floor tile would be a good substitute. I don't know where to buy the original material.

I ended up not putting anything to replace it.

I notice increased noise from the rear axle when the top is up which may have been dampened a little more had I put something in. Potentially a future thing I might put in but since I drive with the top down 95% of the time, the wind make the noise from that area non detectible in comparison.

Good luck.

Michael Petryschuk

This is From Bob Danialson's website @
I highly recommend it.


O Bother!
I'll try it this way


As has been mentioned, the material to which you refer was sound proofing and dampened vibrations at critical junctures. I also had the original stuff on top of the rear shelf, the front facing part of the shelf, in the bottom of the doors and several other places including parts of the floor pan rear of the seats. Most had hardened and simply broke away when struck with a mallet or dulled chisel, but some of it did not come away until I liberally applied WD-40, number 3 on the all time list of best tools right behind duct tape and a big rock along side the road. there are a number of product on the market which are intended to serve the same purpose, but I'm unknowledgeable of what's best etc. I note Don Kelly's reference and have seen that material applied, but it's quite expensive as I recall. Don, why did he cover the gas tank? Does it rattle??

Good luck with finding a substitute material. The horse hair pads that were on top of the asphalt may be more difficult to find.

Doug Baker

DON'T THINK HE COVERED THE TANK THAT I remember. He covered the back interior panel.

Don, if that's a back interior panel...I ain't got one!! That's where my gas tank is!
Doug Baker

Dang Doug, now your going to make me look again

Well slap me with a wet noodle. I'll have to ask him what that's for. Considering he did the back of the panel too.

Doug... when you list duct tape, WD, etc. as best tools you also mention that big rock on the side of the road. You suggested that for me when I drove from BC to ON. I'm dull apparently and missing the joke. Is it to hammer on something annoying, for protection, something to throw when at wits end? 'Splain me Lucy.

Ken Shaddock

It's what you might call a multi-purpose can use it to place under the axle to relieve the jack so that when you change a tire, you don't permanently stay under the car; bang on a recalcitrant fastener of any type from a stuck radiator cap to a tie rod end to a lug wrench that you cannot otherwise budge. Scotch the tire and keep the car from rolling away while you work on the brakes. Then, of course, you can heave it off the side of the road down the mountain...helps to relieve a bit of frustration. Just remember that they may be folks tooling along down below. And when necessary you can just bang your head against it questioning why you're doing what you're doing!! Multi-purpose and always handy especially since you didn't bring along a BFH to do those unique tasks!! I don't have the complete list on this machine, but it's on CD I, I think. I'll find it and pass along. Anyone with an LBC needs to be completely intimate with the 10 best tools of all time!!
Doug Baker

Doug- the answer

Don.... I can't find that forum thread, either here or in 6-Pack. I did it to quiet the sound of gas peeing back into the tank via the TBI return line....tinkle tinkle tinkle. Something like 50% of the gas that gets pumped to the regulator ends up getting returned to the tank.

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