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Triumph TR6 - Rear shock color?

Working on the rear suspension. Bought rebuilt lever shocks but they are painted gray and have stock numbers written on them with magic marker.
I see one restoration book having them being black and another red.
Does anyone know the proper color I should paint them?

Gene Fluder

Gene, my '74 had black lever shocks. I have converted to tube shocks.
Pete Russell

Gene, my 71's are original. I'll look later this week and let you know. I don't think that they were black, but I may be mistaken.
Doug Baker

As far as I know Gene- the lever shocks were aluminum and left unpainted. That is how mine are from my 69.

The links from the lever to the trailing arm are black.

Mike Petryschuk
Michael Petryschuk


On my '75 they were painted black, after I cleaned them they were natural aluminum. I did consider painting them alumnium to brighten them up but I only had a can of black handy and so back to black they went. I guess black or natural look good.

lw gilholme

Gene... mine are black as are the links. Ken (76)
Ken Shaddock

My 74 shocks were black as well
M Macdonald

When there were still Triumph dealers for spares, Armstrong lever damper bodies as supplied for spares were not painted, only the lever portion was painted. Those fitted to new cars may or may not have been painted depending upon the manufacturer. I think that Triumph painted theirs, but cannot remember for sure.

Apple hydraulics paints their rebuilt shocks gray, while the new dampers purchased from the usual suspects are painted black.
Steve Pike

Thanks all. Looks like black they shall be!

Really appreciate the trouble you took to comment
Gene Fluder

This thread was discussed between 08/10/2008 and 09/10/2008

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