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Triumph TR6 - Rear Shocks

Hi folk
The continuing story of collecting parts in anticipation of the rebuild in 2007.

I have just purchased of ebay a set of new Munroe Limited Edition rear shocks complete with brackets and fitting instructions. I thought that they were a bargain. Less than $120 Cdn.

Since then I have been advised to get rid of them as they are not up to the job.

Comments please.

Les Gilholme

What style bracket? Is it the one that bolts to the inner fender sheet metal on the upper end? If so, that's good advice, as it will tear the bodywork from the frame, or just plain rip it apart. The style I hope you have bolts to the frame at the existing bolt holes for the stock shocks, and an arm extends up along the boywork to mount the upper end of the shock. IMHO, the Monroes are probably okay, I would say a good shock for touring rather than autocross or competitive driving.

Rod Nichols

The new brackets (3pieces) bolt onto the frame.

lw gilholme


It is a good choice as they do not strees weak sheet metal like some cheap kits.


J. G. Catford

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