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Triumph TR6 - Rear Shocks - which Oil?

What brand/type/viscosity oil should be used in the rear shocks?
Keith Daly

Hi Keith,

While I don't have a TR6, (I own a TR4), I have used 30 weight Motorcycle fork oil.

Found that this weight will actually give stiffer dampening and really hold the road.

I believe, but not sure that the shock fluid sold by moss may be only 10 weight.

Hope this helps, Dino

Here's what Roger Garnett has to say:

"Hydraulic Lever Arm shocks
This should be a hydraulic oil designed for this application, with anti-frothing additives. A small hand-pump oiler with pointed nozzle is very handy for filling shocks.
OEM Girling, Armstrong, or Lockheed Shock oil, if you can find it.
20/20w motor oil, except cold conditions. (From AH Sprite manual)
Motor Cycle Fork oil.
o Castrol Fork Oil. Available in 20 & 30 wt. (30 works good)
90 Wt Gear oil or STP. For really stiff shocks (competition use.) (Note- this may reduce the life of the seals)
Hydraulic jack or ram oil?"
D R Baker

I have a 1975 TR6 Original, even Tires. My Dad purchased Car new and I stored it very well over the past 28 years. I wanted to know about replacing the shocks. Where can I get them and what should I buy. Thanks Phil
Phil Edwardo

Hey, Phil. Apple Hydraulics in New York sells rebuilt shocks in a "stock" and "upgraded" configuration. I have the upgrades, and have been very pleased with them. Others will no doubt recommend a conversion to tube shocks, however.

Brent B

Phil from your post I doubt rear shocks need replace maybe topping up?

Front are a tube that can be had from almost any parts store in different qualities.

Bill Brayford

I just picked up a quart of 30W fork oil from my local motorcycle shop. They will probably have to order it for you. The guys behind the counter will think you are nuts unless you tell them it's going into an automobile shock.

I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.
D J Guess

This thread was discussed between 20/05/2004 and 01/06/2004

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