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Triumph TR6 - Rear suspension

I replaced both rear arm dampers and installed poly bushings all around...the problem I have now and probably before is that the arms are on top of the chassis bumper, so actually there is no suspension travel...the damping is done by the guess is that the spring coils are not the originals...any ideas?
Angel L. Traverso

I think that your guess is correct in that the springs are not the right height.

Here is a clue if they are much shorter than stock...when you jacked up the rear end and took the weight off the rear did the springs pop out or come out easily? Usually one has to remove the drive shafts and shock links in order to get the springs out. If they came out easily without doing that then you have either none standard height springs or really tired ones.

Other things to check: Trailing arm brackets (are they broken); Is the frame broken or rusted where the brackets attach?; Is the rear suspension cross member broken or rusted? (ie the top part where the springs are mounted). Does the car sit funny? ie front higher then the rear.

If the trailing arms touch the chassis bumper then you must a serious case of negative camber to say the least

To put the lever arm onto the bump stop the springs need to be too long, not too short- ? If the trailing arm brackets were fitted the wrong way up that could affect the geometry.
And when tightening the bolts through the bushes it is very easy to lock the trailing arm in a drooping position, especially if the car was jacked up when tightening the bolts. The bolts should be tightened with the car on its wheels.
Peter Cobbold

The problem was corrected after intalling new springs...the older springs were too stiff. The new springs have a .500" (thickness of turns) versus .537" on old springs.
Angel L. Traverso

This thread was discussed between 29/08/2002 and 07/09/2002

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