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Triumph TR6 - Rear Suspension Conversion Kit Problems

I am in the process of converting my front and rear suspension of my 1969 TR6. The front conversion is straight forward, but I am having some problems with the rear shocks and the rear conversion kit.

The problem is that I have been told that the rear conversion kit (the one that fits onto the orginal damper mountings) does not work in conjunction with a) wider tyres (mine are 195's) and b) with competition springs (I have the TRF comp. springs) due to the fact that the shock absorber in some cases can touch the wheel.

Does anybody know whether this information is correct and if so, can someone give me advice about what to do. I prefer not to use kits which mount onto the wheel arch.

Thanks in advance.

Peter Keegstra
Peter Keegstra

Peter I have a 1974 and installed the shock conversion kit from Victoria British. Kit mounts to level shock holes. Very easy to install.
My tires are oversize I think perilli 200/15 and I have the upgrade coils on rear.
No problem with tube shock touching tire.
My kit did mention that you may have a proble with oversized tires but I did not.
Mounted everythig and then look at where shock was positined to tire and plenty of room.
So all I can say is try yours and check after it is installed before you take it on the road.

This thread was discussed between 01/02/2000 and 09/02/2000

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