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Triumph TR6 - Rear Sway Bar Adjustment ?

I've just installed a rear (11/16" - 3/4" ,Moss) sway bar on my '75 TR6. (I have the KYB outboard gas shock conversion kit from John Horton , running 205/70's)
My question : The sway bar provides very strong
anti-roll action --and I like that ! -- But ---(there's always one of these)---
also makes the car ride much rougher, especially over sharp bumps . Have any of you had any experience
with this ? I'm not autocrossing but I'd like to have some of the anti-roll gains with less of the jarring ride. I'm wondering if softer bushings between the bar and a-arm mounting point would allow the a-arm to move more before the sway bar takes over--
lessening the "jarring" affect ? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated - thanks.
Dave Johnston, Seattle, Wa. '69 & '75 TR6
David Johnston

Hi David

If you are running urethane bushings standard rubber will give a bit more and may take some of the edge off. Urethane has zero give and that sharp thud. A 3/4 rear bar is a lot in a TR for street in my opinion but that is what they sell.

B Brayford

Dave- Your 69, is it red by any chance?
Don K.

Hay Don ( and the rest of you out in sunny Seattle) you need to start your own TR I know of 4 of you out there. Guess you better get the shop done so you can start to get her ready for next spring!!
Must be nice David..2 of them....his and hers?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thanks for your input Bill --I do have urethane bushings and will substitute rubber , I bought the arm from LBC thinking it was made by Moss -- I spoke with Addco yesterday and they're moving away from rubber bushings completely - also, I agree that a 3/4" bar is close to, if not 'overkill' for the street and will probably stick to a 7/8" front bar only --
** by the way, British Parts Northwest has a nice 7/8" front bar that they've had made that requires no drilling for only $105 US --special price to last for "awhile" ---Don, my '69 is black, bought in June of '87 but was that Triumph maroon color stock; rather than restore it I've just bought a 'mostly restored' (ahem) green '75 from Corvallis , Oregon. Rick , the '69 is up for sale (one English car is enough for me!) but I'm having trouble "letting go" --I've never owned a car for so long --it's in need of lots of TLC -- $3000 to a good home --sorry for rambling --I'll post results of the switch to rubber bushings --it may take a week or so --
Dave Johnston

Dave- Saw a red 69 @ the Boeing Credit Union last week and was thinking that might have been yours. Needed a paint job on the hood real bad.
Don K

To put a temporary close to this thread for now - I thought I should report: Realizing that I'd changed 3 variables at once by putting on a 7/8"front and a 3/4" rear sway bar as well as the rear tube conversion(one piece from John Horton with KYB gas dampers)
I've removed the rear sway bar completely to test and get used to the car before installing rubber bushings, which probably won't happen till the spring.
Driving Impresssion: The car ('75) has a 'good' feel now though it doesn't feel as "balanced" front to rear as with both bars in place. However, the ride compliance is much better (as you'd expect) and generally I like the feel of the car better now, especially since all my drives seem to be with the top up, and the roads seem much bumpier as the temperatures fall. The rear shocks seem to do a much better job than the lever units too. John's workmanship and concern for TR's in general is very good.
I sold the '69 with no problem to someone who will enjoy the restoration project.
David Johnston

This thread was discussed between 30/09/2002 and 01/11/2002

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