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Triumph TR6 - Rear Swaybar

I came across a good deal on a rear bar from Pace-Setter 'Turn Six". It was a demo display with no mounting instructions etc. Anyone out there have any experience mounting the bar.

John Parfitt

As I understand you can not put on a rear sway bar unless upgrading the front as well. I remember reading this somewhere as the rear bar changes the dynamic balance of the car. As I recall if adding a rear bar with a stock on front , the car will have severe oversteer which is alot trickier to handle than understeer and becomes dangerous

Most rear sway bars for the TR are 3/4" and the sock front bar is 11/16", if adding the rear the front should be then upgraded to 7/8" thickness .

In terms of maintaining the proper handling balance, I absolutely agree, I will be installing a front bar. But my question relates to the specifics in mounting the rear bar. Some installations connect the ends of the bar under the spring on the trailing arm. Others connect to the small hole beside the shock link location at the end of the trailing arm. Just was wondering what others out there have done.


John Parfitt
73 TR6
John Parfitt

Hi John,
I have installed a turn six sway bar on my tr6 rear also. Congratulations! -It is probably the best and cheapest handling mod you can do. The sway bar ends mount using holes allready present in the trailing arms but I reccomend using upgraded bolts and bushings which are locally available. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more info.

There are 2 versions of the rear swaybar available (that I'm aware of). One of the versions (I believe both are from Addco), requires you to replace the front swaybar (apparently suitable for racing). The other (which I installed the other evening), does not require the front swaybar to be replaced. It installed by hardware attaching to the inner assembly of the rear springs, and drilling the frame to attach the (collets) bushings. I have a couple of diagrams for those interested. Just email me.

I once read about a rear bar that mounts up over the diff. It was made by a guy in England and I really liked the whole concept of the idea, but have forgotten where I saw the info.
Don K.

Hi guys
Installed Addco rear sway bar, through the springs,
kept the stock front sway bar. Low speed driving
seems fine but high speed corners are a little
scary as the car becomes abit floaty and unpredictable.
Thinking of disconecting the rear bar so I can see
how it handled before, but will probably spend the
big bucks and go for the matched set.
Christopher Trace

Christopher, read my warning in the second thread...I did not make it up.

You forgot to mention what was under the front bonnett. Gotta catch up with u this summer, but will not drag race u.
Rick C
Rick Crawford is the place for the top mounted rear sway bar. Look on the link for the tubular shock conversion.
Mike Munson

MIke - Do you have any opinion of that design?
Don K.

I started trying to mount the "turn six" rear bar and discovered that the mounting of the bar itself is relatively easy but it causes other problems with the exhaust system. I'v got to have a shop bend the exaust tubing to either go over or under the bar etc.

I can see how the Revington top mounted bar would be MUCH EASIER install.

John Parfitt

This thread was discussed between 14/05/2002 and 15/07/2002

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