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Triumph TR6 - Rear tire toe out when under load

First my question - how far will the top of the rear tires travel in during heavy load?
Here is my setup - This is a 1970 car, I have new stock springs (and collars), new poly bushings, and the trailing arm bracket notches are all in the stock configuration. I also have an after market tube shock conversion.
I'm asking because it's time for new tires and I'm trying to decide if I can go with 205/70's. The PO put on 195/60's and they have ~1" of clearance to the shock/bracket when vertical, yet apparently they have rubbed slightly (before the new springs and bushings). With the 205's being .4" wider than 195's I'm afraid of even more rubbing.
With all new rear suspension parts is 3/4" enough clearance between the shock/bracket and the tire?
Worst case I guess I could retest the current tires by loading my wife in the passenger seat, my 200lb son in the trunk and then go looking for speed bumps.
Tom H.

I would say don't do it. 195 is plenty and it's a drag to have occasional rubbing, or worry about carrying a large passenger/ loaded trunk. Peter.
Peter Gooch

Thanks Peter. I think your right I should stick with the 195's.
I did a little empirical testing over the weekend. Loaded up my chubby wife, and an extra ~160lbs in the in the trunk, and went looking for bumpy corners. I got just a little rubbing on the shock on the passenger side (which appears to be outside spec at 2-3Deg negative camber). Therefore I'm guessing my worst case is 1" top of tire travel.

Now I need to find a good but reasonably priced 195/70 or 75 tire.

And a Dog house to live in if your wife ever sees that post :)

Bill Brayford

This thread was discussed between 25/03/2003 and 01/04/2003

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