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Triumph TR6 - Rear Wheel Camber Angle Calc

Ok - I wrapped up suspension work a couple weeks ago and now want to adjust the rear camber angle to the range of 0 to -.5 degrees. The car's a '73, so the brackets are the "1u - 3u" standard configuration. The camber of both wheels is about -2 degrees.

So, I look at the table that Brian Lanoway put together and the closest match is the "middle zone" where the brackets are identical (3u-3u, 2u-2u, ect).

But then I go to the Buckeye site and and those data by Nelson Riedel are quite different, and it would appear supercedes the Lanoway chart. Has anyone here used the Riedel data or have a feel for the comparison?

Brent B

This thread was discussed on 06/07/2003

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