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Triumph TR6 - Recommended Anti Sieze for bolts?

Hi Again.

Does anyone have any recommendations for an anti sieze compound for both the aluminum/steel fittings (like the rear axle to suspension arm studs and the rubber bumper to suspension arms) and the steel to steel fittings just about every else.

I am beginning to reassemble my TR6 and want to ensure the bolts and nuts come apart in the future for easier maintenance.

I see some comments in the rear hub thread on Stainless steel bolts in this regard. I have nothing to add at this time to that.


Mike Petryschuk.
Michael P The obsessed TR6 rebuilder

I use Never-Seez; mainly because I've managed to pick up cans at work. The "Pure Nickel" is probably the best and covers about all metal combo's & high temerature. It easily comes off hands & clothes too - Ha! The other grades of Never-Seez work very well, though.
Brent B

Never use copper against aluminium. It promotes corrosion of the ali faster than at an iron/ali join. ( electromotive series and all that).
Have not seen 'Never-Seez Pure Nickel'here- who makes it?
On the rear hub/trailing arm I use a thread locking compound- Lock-Tite - and then cover the area after assembly with Waxoyl to deter water ingress into nooks and crannies. But I'm not after a Concours result, just reliability.
I'd only use 'copperslip' antisieze on exhaust parts and - mixed with Waxoyl-suspension joints prone to rusting solid (eg lower front wishbones)and chassis/body bolts.
P H Cobbold

All the "Never-Seez" compounds are made by Bostik. That's the name on the back of the can, anyway. The "Pure Nickel Special" is/was one of the grades. I've had that can for 14 years.

Interesting, though, is that a lower grade of Never-Seez is a copper/aluminum/zinc oxide mix in some grease. I ordinarily use that and save the nickel for high load or high temp applications.
Brent B

This thread was discussed between 22/01/2003 and 23/01/2003

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