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Triumph TR6 - Recovering Seats

This winter's project for me is likely to be re-covering the seats. I was wondering if anyone has heard of kits that use fabric rather than vinyl or leather. Here in the south, the bright sun in the summer can make the seats pretty hot when the top's down. Especially when you first get in. I know another option is a tonneau, but thought I'd check this out first.

Also, anyone ever tried installing Miata seats? They're on ebay all the time from guys who convert their cars to racers. And some have speakers in the headrest. Probably a gimmick that doesn't work, but tempting.

Any thoughts appreciated,

Mark Hauser

Miata seats will work. You have to remove some mounting bosses off the Miata seats and fabricate some brackets.


My TR6 came with fabric covered seats when I bought it a few months ago. I will be recovering them in Shadow blue vinyl. The current covers are perfectly fine, but I don't like the fabric. I have a photo of them at:

Once I get the covers off, and if I don't wreck them doing it, you're welcome to them. You'll probably need to purchase new seat foams.

Shipping shouldn't be more than a few dollars. I'll be redoing the interior staring later this month. I could have the covers off around 11/1. Let me know if you'd like them. That is, if you'd like blue fabric covers.


Don from Jersey
D Hasara

Here's some interesting reading about Miata seats in a Spit.

Some info may be of interest.

Jim Deatsch

Yes, the Miata seat conversion is doable but not without some headaches IF you want to adapt the Miata seat to the TR slide. It is much simpler to drill holes in the floor pan for the Miata slides, but I refuse to butcher my TR that way. I picked up a pair of early (headrest speakers--great idea Mazda, why did you do away with it?) Miata seats from ebaY and disassembled them. After much trial and error trying to adapt them to the slides, I gave up. Maybe another day.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Sorry it took so long to respond. Internet here has had pop-up fever all weekend, and I'll been having a hard time getting 10 minutes straight without locking up.

Don from NJ,
Think I'll pass on the seat covers. I may try some of my own, but probably less of a design statement than yours. They do look cushy though....

I took a look at the link you sent, and it looks like it might be an option. I just have to decide if I want to take on what Rick described for re-fitting. It sounds like a square piece of plywood might work as an adapter.

Based on Don's picture and the TRF books, I can see the back pops off like a door panel. Will start there to see if the re-upholstering approach is within range.

Thanks for all the input. As soon as things cool down for the winter, I'll give it a try.

Mark Hauser

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