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Triumph TR6 - reducing body-roll

Anyone out there with knowledge of reducing body roll would be great. My 76 TR6 while having competition, lowered springs is still leaning too far into corners. I really do not want to shim it up so to speak as the 4.5" ride height looks fabulous. Will upgrading the sway bar correct this? Thanks All...
B.R. Horne

You bet it will, B.R. As will adding a rear bar.

Brent B

Thanks BB I thought it would. Any knowledge of the amount of reduction in roll one could expect?
B.R. Horne

My clinometer is in the sailboat, so no, I can't tell you the degrees leaning before and after sway bar upgrades.

There will be some trial and error tuning involved after an upgrade. Once you get "flatter", you need to correct for oversteer/understeer to get the handling you want. Rear wheel camber has to be considered! You're not likely to get it right just by popping in a new sway bar - you have to look at the whole system. It takes some work - it's not hard, but it's time consuming. You'll find it worthwhile in terms of what you learn.

I've ended up with Addco bars on front & back, with poly bushes on top, rubber on bottom just so there's some "give" in the system. There is slight oversteer at high rates, but it's manageable. Your milage may vary.

Brent B

In his book entitled "How to Improve Triumph TR5, 250 & 6", Roger Williams has the following to say about "Front Handling and Steering":

"Front Wishbone assembly. Almost every reader of this type of book appreciates the benefits to road holding, particularly when cornering, of a lower ride height. Technically, this is because the height of the centre of gravity is reduced as the suspension is lowered, and the car's roll is reduced for the same centripetal cornering force. All TRs are easy to lower by at least 15mm at the front - by assembling the front wishbones seen in photograph 3 - 14 upside-down. This, particularly when coupled to many of the modifications we will be discussing, will have a major benefit in terms of reducing body roll when cornering."

So there you have it; just install your suspension upside down. I wonder if the British engineers were drunk, or if they intentionally cast an asymetrical front wishbone assembly. (I still maintain, TR's don't handle worth a you know what. I drive em for other reasons. In the vintage racing club in my area, the TR6's even with thousands spent on them are the slowest things on the track. )

Joh Parfitt
73 5 speed.
John Parfitt

John, I beg to differ, I'll race those guys anytime.
Maybe all those TR's need is a bit of attitude under the hood? I don't disagree with you on the handling
though, Even with all of the upgrades I've done,many
$$$$ worth my wifes stock grocery getter Subaru would clean my clock everytime. But which car keys do I reach
for first? Subaru NOT.

Brent, I have the rear Addco bar and have the upgraded
Addco front bar on order. Should be here in a few days.
You don't think that the stock rear camber settings
will be sufficient?

Christopher Trace

Chris - You need to measure the camber to see if it's still in 'stock' range. I you can look at the rear wheels and perceive a tilt in at the top, the camber is probable too far negative.
Brent B

This thread was discussed between 16/05/2004 and 19/05/2004

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