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Triumph TR6 - release bearing

I seem to be having a problem with the clutch release bearing on my 1976TR6. It is not lasting and I do not ride the clutch. Is there some kind of spring that should be there to disengage the bearing upon relaese of the clutch?

Thanks, JOhn

Tom, you say "is there some kind of spring that should be there to disengage the bearing". It sounds like the release bearing feels like "sticking", and not engaging the clutch smoothly. If that is the case, the "sticking" bearing is a result of worn cross shaft bushings, bent/broken cross shaft taper pin, and worn fork pins. I had a similar problem, and solved it by fitting a new release bearing, installing wider bushings, replacing the taper pin, and fork pins. To do this you must pull the tranny out.
Pete Russell

You luv giving guys good news eh:)
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Could also be binding between the clutch plate and the spline, a little bit of grease will smooth its movement on release. So it won't bit.
Roger H

Tranny out isn't too hard, but foes take two people to pull it through the interior. Once I get some other drive-line stuff done I can let you know my opinion of assembly.

EC Smith

I removed my 4 speed trans alone. Quite easy, the trans is not so heavy. Put back a 4-speed +J-type OD: a little bit heavier but can be done by one guy (does not need to be an Hulk Hogan type of guy)

Marc Girardin

This thread was discussed between 31/05/2006 and 02/06/2006

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