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Triumph TR6 - Removing Emissions ??

I'm having a hard time searching anything under emission control etc in the threads. Is it just me or is the search function not very good ???

My question to my fellow TR6'rs.. Has anyone completely removed the emission stuff and did it improve anything ? My car is a '75..I do not have an EGR valve ( it's capped on the manifold ) but still have the breather hoses from the valve cover to the carbs to the charcoal canister. The canister has fresh charcoal and clean filters and the anti-run on valve is clean and working.
I adjusted a couple of things tonight and one thing I did was disc the hoses to the carbs and plug the holes on the carbs. I noticed a difference in my idle and my hesitation problem when pulling away from a stop was gone YAHOO !!
The only other thing I did was adjust the mixture and I doubt that improved the hesitation problem that much,
I'll do some more elimination tests this week-end to see if my problem returns when I hook up the hoses.
Any thoughts ??

Charlie Ballard

Hey Charlie.

Nobody listens to the old guy eh? I think I mentioned that on RickOs post about carbs..:)

I suggest blocking that stupid run on valve first then test. Not a smog item.

The cannister missing or blocked will get you into trouble with the smog police. Let me know. There are ways to fake certain things, but don't say you heard it here!

John Q (Devious)Oldguy
Bill Brayford

Before I replaced the Strombergs with SU's, I thought I could get away with blocking some of the hoses. One of the local (old guy) ex-BL mechanics saw what I tried & told me I couldn't block all of it off, because the carbs drew air, and I was causing it to go rich. Never had the anti run-on valve, but I did have the carbon canister in place, not sure how effective, and 1 hose running to a T and then to each carb. Other two hoses T'd and to the valve cover. When I hooked it up like he told me, ran purty good! Then I put on the SU's, and he asked why I was trying to re-invent the wheel?. Had to fiddle with something! Last check with his infra-red smog sniffer showed 5.5% CO @ idle, 2.5% @ 2500 RPM. car runs great, plugs look good. I guess some of the stuff will need to be in place with those Strombergs?? That's what pushed me into the HS6 thing. Seemed to be a lot simpler than all the by-pass stuff... temp compensators, etc. Worked fer me, but I'm not subject to a strict inspection, & the county smog inspectors (for the most part) don't know the difference between an SU & a ZS. (That's stock, isn't it??)

Rod Nichols

Hi Charlie
Mine's a ex US 1975 car converted to RHD. I took everything to do with the emmissions control off the car and binned it. I also run with the vac retard disconnected and the distributor plate locked.
I have since installed a high compression PI head and a pair of SUs, the difference in performance and economy is astounding.
The breather from the rocker cover goes to a homemade fitting on the air filter box.
R. Algie

Thanks Guys,
Bill, I'll hunt for that thread with Rick /carbs.
Rod, my friend Malcolm just replaced his ZS with SU last week-end and says he's really happy so far but has not driven much as of yet but is happy with the idle and claims it responds faster and has more power. It makes sense to be better with all that extra stuff gone (temp comp,bypass etc).
Where does your breather from the valve cover go Rod ?
Can that hose be blocked with no ill effect ?
I'll disc and block and keep ypou posted
Charlie Ballard

After Thought,
What about the smaller hoses at the front/left side of the carbs that go to the canister ? What happens if I just plug them ?? Maybe since I've noticed a big difference disc the oil breather line I'll leave the others for now.
Charlie Ballard

Charlie--The little hoses are to vent the fuel bowls when idling. You can remove the hoses entirely with no ill effect, but don't plug the carb ports because the bowls gotta breathe.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

This thread was discussed on 01/05/2004

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