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Triumph TR6 - removing knob from dashboard

I am currently disassembling my 72 tr6 for a body off and cannot see how the interior lamp knob that also controls the brightness of the dash lights comes off it appears it should just pull off but i dont want to force or break anything thanks for any advice
jh omeara

jh, the rest of them have a little indent, so presumably that one does too. I got a new knob set for Xmas last year and ended up having to cut the old ones off with a Dremel. The brightness knob had been replaced by someone before me, so I didn't have to figure that one out.

JL Bryan

Welcome...another Ontario owner.

Since you have joined this board you have access to the ARCHIVES as a link top of this page.
I will not be answering your question but take you on a trip down memmory lane of many threads where the same question has been asked....some good reading.
dash panel dimmer switch (2003)
dashboard removal(2003)
rheostat replacement (2003)
how to get the old dash knobs off & pics(2004)
instrument rheostat (dimmer) (2001)

Another thread ( tr6 for old guys... 2004) you have to post to....while doing my search of the archives I came across Matis' post: read'm & weep boys (2003...good one Mati)
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I just went through the same experience. As Rick says check the archives for the thread, but the answer is it has no hole to access the detent. It just pulls off. Suggest a liberal dose of WD-40, let it set awhile and give a steady pull. It should pop right off.
D R Baker

many thanks for all your help I started to look at the archives last night but there are a lot to sort through this site and its members expertise will save many frustrating hours in my garage thanks again and I'm sure Ill have a new problem soon
jh omeara

So did you get the knob off?

Yup, the Archives is a few evenings of say the least!
You definitely want to do some reading about lifting the tub off as there are issues re this.
Oh Ya...take LOTS of pictures, make detailed notes, label the wiring harness ends, and go get yourself a bunch of zip lock bags. But most of all, have fun!
You also want to get "The Roadster Factory" 's 2 vol. spare parts catalogues. One is currently out of print but will be back. Very valuable reference material. In the Archives you will see them referenced many times.

You may as well start your " wish list" now for Christmas:)
Rick C
PS first name is????...just so we can be a little more polite. I expect you will be hanging around her for a few years:)
Rick Crawford

Hi all first my name is John Omeara and your correct Rick, I'll probobly be hanging around here for a few years anyway. I did get the knob off this evening as well as the steering column and dashboard. I labelled all the wires and wrote down what each one did and where it went and took lots of digital pics so hopefully this will make things easier when I install it again. I bought the car from the original owner in July. She was 65 , was moving to Florida and didnt have the heart to see the salt air rust the bottom out of it. It has original paint and tires and 55000 miles. It was maintained fairly well over the years and came with a newer alternator, master cylinder ,water pump etc .I intend taking the body off soon and will read anything in the archives as well as the how to restore a tr6 book i recently bought. The car also came with both TRF parts books and a Haynes manual which are most helpful. If anyone has anyadvice for me I'd be most grateful for it. thanks again
jh omeara


where are you located in Ontario?

Bob (Dundas)
Bob Craske

hi Bob I'm located on the west mountain in hamilton
jh omeara

Sounds like you got a nice car, John! Have fun with the restoration.

Welcome John !,
You live not to far from a lot of fellow TR6 owners,
you'll find lots of help here....enjoy your 6 !
Charlie Ballard

Glad to hear you got the knob off. Sounds like you got yourself a nice little find! "She was 65"..MAN!! that must have been an interesting story.
If you go to some archive posts, you will see mention of Dan Masters' book and on the web, his wiring diagram. I also have a good drawing of strictly the dash wiring with colour codes. If you are interested, will fax to you. You will need to edit my e-mail address (remove "at" and ".dot"). I need to find someone with a scanner...easier to send than via fax or snail mail.
Glad to hear you got the digital camera going. It will help with the "put back together" and becomes a nice little picture scrap book when you are done.

Sounds like I might have some competition at Bronte in a few years:) Oh Ya, consider yourself invited to the winter BBS get together....Bill, did I just hear you volunteer??
Have fun John...we are here to help.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 29/09/2004 and 01/10/2004

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