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Triumph TR6 - Restoration progress

On Saturday my newly sand-blasted and repaired chassis came back from CSC Racing and will be painted tonight with POR15The front had been damaged and I purchased a donor car from New Mexico, using most of its chassis except for engine and transmission mounts and the main front crossmember, all modified by a previous owner attempting to do a V8 conversion.
So now I have a rear half of an IRS chassis for sale, if anyone is interested!
I have put bolts into all the threaded holes so they don't get filled with paint, and have a complete mounting kit ready to go. Also got the calipers back looking like brand new, from being rebuilt and sandblasted, also exhaust manifold ready for high-heat paint.
Next step-get the body painted!
Simon Rasmussen 'bout some photos. Sounds good, but I bet it looks great.

I've gotten set up for powder coating and my first efforts have been for things that won't show too much like the dip switch and the windscreen brackets. Turned out great though, but I need more practice cause I'm using way too much powder. The engine is ready to be removed, then it's to the paint shop to leave the body while I'm busy with the suspension and frame so I'm not far behind you.
Doug Baker

Sorry, I don,t know how to post pictures, and my own computer is down right now anyway!
Fortunately my engine andtransmission are all ready to go back into place, just cleaning and rebushing the suspension assemblies and putting seals in the diff, which is easier while its out of the car; the body is pretty much ready for primer and paint, maybe a couple of hours of bodywork, I hope not much more.
Simon Rasmussen

Hey Simon, are you doing the POR15 or is someone else?
If you are doing it wear your crapiest clothes, gloves and a good respirator. Nasty stuff and do two coats
even though one looks like you got everything.
Good luck,
Christopher Trace

Thanks for the advice, Chris, have overalls gloves etc, painting with brush, outside. Hoping for Saturday now, as it has been too hot and I have had guys over to give me estimates on painting the body.
Have also been collecting items needed such as new carpet kit and underlay, new mounting hardware for fenders, new radiator, new rubber grommets for front bulkhead holes etc.
Simon Rasmussen

This thread was discussed between 11/07/2005 and 14/07/2005

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