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Triumph TR6 - Reverse light not working

After an afternoon of cleaning and getting a good ground all of the lights work...except for the reverse lights. Assume they should come on as soon as the gearshift is in reverse. Looks like it might be the reverse light switch. I have looked it up...seems like its a days work. Any advise from those who have done this? Russell Its my Dads TR6 and hope to have it on the road after sitting for 2 years.
R Egge


How thin and flexible is your wrist? I think it may be just about possible to reach up around the gearbox to change the switch, but I know that my arm can't make it through the gap! That's whay we have children, right?

If I were in your position, I would be tempted to pull the carpet up off the transmission cover, and drill or cut an access panel. Make a fibreglass panel first, and then reattach with some screws and a little sealant. Handy for topping up the oil as well, if you make it the right size!

A Hewitt

I would check everything first . Check the current at the light.
If you have stock wiring, is the reverse light wire in that multi connection in the drivers footwell. Check power there.

Before you start ripping into the tranny compartment, I'd take a voltmeter and check if the problem exist in the rear wiring harness or front wiring harness. If you're not aware of this, the connector of the 2 harnesses is usually a grey connector that's located on the driver's side. If it's in the rear, it's a easy fix. If it's in the front harness, it might be a day's work. Good luck.

R Egge,
Have you checked the bulbs? If not, I'd do that first!@! Duh!! Then check for current at the light socket; if nothing there, back up to the connector Don and Benji suggest. If no power there AND the tail lights/brake lights, boot light and the interior "hump" light all work, you may have a ground problem in that circuit. Good luck. Get Dan Master's handbook if you don't already have it. A must for a TR-6 owner/operator!
Doug Baker


I believe the wires from the reverse tranny switch come into the passenger compartment somewhere.

You can check the switch by finding the connection of these wires into the wiring harness and not have to pull the cover off.

test it by putting the tranny in reverse and with an ohm meter see if the switch closes (will be 0 ohms)

If O ohms then the problem is the connections elsewhere.

As suggested by the others check everything else before checking the tranny switch. I don't think these things fail too often.
Michael Petryschuk

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