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Triumph TR6 - Richard Goods Triple Carb intakes. How good?

I am planning to get Richard Goods Triple Carb intakes and was wondering how good are they. Has anyone put these on with out any other modifications and how good have they run just by them selves. I really don't want to make a lot of modifications and am looking for some simple bolt on performance. On my upcomming rebuild I will mill the head and install a milde cam but I am wonder how these run just by them selves for now.

Their is one modification. You need to get a stronger fuel pump. I went through 4 fuel pumps to get it right!! My end result was a 10 psi pump and adjusted it down to 2-3.5psi. I had no room to install it in the rear and really didn't want to install it in the trunk. There's a flat spot on the driver's side wheel well that you can install it. Of course you're probably wondering if there are issue with installing it as a puller rather than pushing the fuel. I don't have any problems with this set up. If you want me to email you pictures, just let me know.
By the way, just buy it!! You want it!! You Know you want it!! Like you said at the other thread. Buy it and ask for forgiveness later.
If I ever see you at one of your car shows it Oregon, I better see those triples on.
C-yah :-)

Skikir, I don't have the R.G. triple setup, but I have heard good things about it. However, if you are going to make the engine breath on one end you have to let it breath on the other as well. If you go with the triples on top you'll need a free flowing exhaust to get the most out of it. And with the higher compression you'll be well on your way to a serious horse power addiction.
It's a hard habit to kick.
Christopher T.

Skikir Cheap performance is a contradiction in terms, It dosnt come cheap! By adding an extra carburettor without any other mods will only increase your fuel consumption, If you are looking for more power then stick to the twin carbs and get the Cyl head skimmed by about 060thou and richen up the carbs with different needles, This is assuming you have good oil pressure and no other issues, this is the first step and a cheap one maybe cost you less than $150 and your time
Clive P

There was a rather lengthy set of discussions earlier this year that started out as a discussion of cams for use on supercharged car and sort of grew from there. You may want to check it out, so member up if you haven't yet and go check out the archives.

You may have sen my TR6 at the Portland ABFM. I have installed the Goodparts triple set-up. I have been struggling with a lean condition since installation. Benji may be on to something as to the fuel pump. I just installed a new mechanical pump but found two kinks in the metal fuel line that I suspect were hindering fuel flow. Have a new stainless coming from Tube Specialties. I went to the triples to suppport the other mods I made when I rebuilt the engine. 150PI cam, 9.5to1 comp ratio, double outlet exhaust manifold with stainless double pipes, 1.65to1 GP roller rockers, stainless valves, recurved distributor, Petronix with Lucas sport coil. Wish I had lightened the flywheel. Goes pretty good over 3000 rpm but idles like a washing machine full of boulders. With all that said I would recommend the increase in comp ratio, GP2 cam, B1AQ needles (Burlen) before spending the money for the triples. See how it goes then make the major step.
Mike Crane '71 TR6
Mike Crane

Hey Mike- What tube did you have made?
I also took a picture of a beautiful TR3 @ Bellevue and have you and your bride in the back ground w/ your car . Interested in a copy?

I ordered the fuel line that goes from the fuel pump to the carbs. $40 for stainless.If you can eliminate me from the photo we'll take one.
I failed to mention an exhaust upgrade as part of the basic upgrade. As my '71 had a single manifold outlet I replaced it with a '72 double outlet. The later manifolds with the air injection ports interfere with the stock (early) intake manifold.A set of 1.55to1 GP roller rockers would be a nice addition as well. It adds up fast. I'll report when I get my fuel delivery problems sorted out.
Mike Crane

Mike- Sorry,more you than your car.

OK. Sounds like they are good addition with compression and cam upgrades and are just OK when used alone. I was hoping for more bang for the buck initially. I will be adding the compression and cam upgrades to the rebuild but I want to stay away from the radical since this is a daily driver and it needs some new upolstry and top and I have other interests for finacial drain. I'm going to start buying parts slowly as fun money is available starting with the tripples and a cam. When you live out in the country there is always some kind of money grabbing project that needs to be done.

skikir from "Orygun",
If you're going to take your head to the machine shop, consider having your flywheel lightened. I found this cheap upgrade to be a benifit. There's a guy I sent mine to (I think)in Eugene, Or. that took my 24lbs flywheel down to 12.5lbs. I can feel the engine spool up faster.

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