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Triumph TR6 - RICK C

Hi All,
In case some of you were wondering why Rick C has been quiet on the BBS lately he had some chest pains and is hospital..I visited him the other day and he was in good spirits...he hopes to be home by Monday...I'm sure you will join me in wishing him a speedy recovery

Charlie B.

Lets all add to this thread please. Charlie since you live in the area a print out would be a nice thing for him.

Rick get well soon.
Plus,.....I need your help with my dash so make it even sooner.

Hey Rick,
Did not know that you were ailing. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Too much to do, and too little time in which to do it. Hope that you're driving your -6 as soon as weather permits.
Doug Baker

Hey Rick - Now you may know how your MSTRS feels when you poke an O2 sensor up the exhaust....! Get well soon and get outa there........I reckon being in the garage is better for your health than being in a hopsital! ....even better?..... to be cruising the countyside.

Kind regards
Roger H

Hi Rick, Hope ya get to feel'in better. Mark
JM Johnson

Rick, hope you get well soon. TR6 season is comming !!

Eric / The Netherlands
Eric de Lange

I know the stress of waiting for spring can get to you this time of year. Just close you eyes and go to that happy place behind the wheel. But remember, don't go towards the light!

Tony Koschinsky

Hey Rick, if you don't make it can I have your 6?

Let me add my best wishes!
Hope you are up and about in time for Ancaster, if not take it easy and do what the docs tell you.
Simon Rasmussen

We need you back on the BB Rick. I'm surprised you didn't have your laptop hooked up in the Hospital.

Seriously...Take care and we look forward to hearing from you soon

HP Henry Patterson


Wishing you a speedy recovery from South Carolina! Speedy as in the way a 6 feels when you're going thru the gears!

'73 TR6
Mike Calhoun

Jeez Rick:

You gotta get better soon - what about CDIII and CDIV?? Long may your big jib draw. That's nautical for long life and get well soon! Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Bob Evans

I thought it was quiet here lately. Get well Rick!
Don from Jersey


Get well soon - a ride in the TR will be your tonic!

Doug M

Rick - I don't know what landed you in hospital but from me (a cancer survivor) 16 months now I've been in remission, I know you can beat this whatever it is. You'll need a project to plan for the future. This will take your mind off whatever it is. Don't ponder too long on it. My only problem over the last 4 months has been that I get out of breath when I exert myself. They found out my pulse rate is running 38 to 46 and at night when I'm asleep, it sometimes drops to 26 per minute. Next week they'll install a Pertronix - I mean a pacemaker to take it back up to 58 - 62 per minute where it should be.

Don't be beaten when equipment and skill can beat this for you. Hope you get well real soon !

Regards - Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A, Montreal
Don Elliott

Hey Don E....maybe we can roll his hospital bed out to the parking lot and hook the jumper cables up between him and his TR6! CLEAR!!!!! Those high amp alternators are good for something else, eh?
Seriously, Rick, hope yer feelin' better!
Rod Nichols

Rick I am sure will join me in wishing you a speedy recovery, all the very best from down south Florida, Clive
Clive P

Hi Don, I don't contribute much but read here daily and realy do appreciate all that you add to this BBS... here is to your speedy and full recovery. Finest Regards, Rob
Rob Gibbs

Rick get well soon and please post a picture of whatever is knocking you out to help others on this board with their "engines"
Tom C

Rick, It's probably just cabin fever. Relax, Spring is next Monday and it'll be a short time till you can roll out the 6.
Joe Justice
Joe Justice

Hey, Rick, ya just need some new rings and a head clean up to stop the smokin! Get better, my friend!! The MISTRS needs ya sittin pretty behind the wooden wheel. I'll be coming up you way in a few days, and will pop in.
Pete Russell

Rick-May you have a swift&complete recovery. Your Lucas pacemaker is on its way.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Aloha from the islands, Rick. Your "mana" is definately missed on the BBS and best wishes for a speedy return to your ohana.
Jeff Fetner
JB Fetner

Hey Rick

Get well quick. Hospitals are no fun!

Hope this finds you up and about.

Bill Brayford

I must be crazy. The first thing I do when I get home from the hospital (besides have a real meal:) is see what I have missed on the BBS. I thought I would post to this thread first.
First off, thank you guys for your kind thoughts. No Don, I am not dying and no you can not have my 6. Get your own 6 going:)
Had an Angiogram and have Angina. Fortunately, no by-pass surgery required and treatable with medication. Needless to say, I have quite smoking. One heck of a wake-up call!
Don E. Yup caught it in time before the big one. Do not let them sell you the LUCAS brand pacemaker. Hope it helps you out and really good to hear you are in remission. Very amazing what they can do these days. Watched the whole procedure.
Henry, I took the lap top to the hospital but they only have wireless for the "walk about" heart monitors and did not really want to interfere with that signal.
Bob E. CDII is finished, It was suppose to be available last week but had a slight change of plans. Keep tuned to this BBS. Oh CDIII or IV. Final version is CDII.

Pete You know the way to my home. You are welcome anytime. Not planning to go anywhere for next little while.

Thanks again guys
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I haven't been on the BBS until today for I have also been under the weather. It's good to here that you "caught it in time before the big one".
Take care...

Welcome back and thanks for deciding to finally end the smoking habit. It has pained me to think of your beautiful -6 suffering second hand smoke:)

Progress Report...all the outer stuff is in final block primer coat ready for base and clear. I decided to go with Royal Blue and not Sapphire again. Maybe I'll change my mind after I see the color coats, but then again, probably not. It'll have a silver gray stripe where your is red. Haven't addressed the trim/interior/etc. Next is getting the body off the frame and the suspension all dissasembled. This adventure may not be unending after all.

Take care. Glad that you're home.
Doug Baker

Royal...Sapphire, it is all blue to me:)
The silver stripe will go well with the Blue. Doug, the interiour has to be Shadow Blue. I think you are doing just fine on your progress.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Welcome home. Good to hear that you quit smoking, who needs that anyway when you can breath the fumes from your TR6 when you get a back wind. We knew you would get out soon, all they needed to do was lube you up, rotate your goodies, and grease up your rear end.

Hope to see you soon.

Lets not run down Lucas pacemakers too moch, I had one inplanted several weeks ago with no prob.............

I did not ignore your above comment re your dash. We need to set up a Sat or Sun to do this...soon!!
Or even a weekday would be OK for me. You might be doing most of the work..not hard though.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Perhaps it was the seven beers per hour. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Let us know if and when you are out this way again.
Mike & Dennis
Mike Crane

Mike good to hear from you. No not the seven beer but the few breaks I took for a smoke and the fried food I ate.
Most deffinitely look you up. Thanks again for your hospitality.
PS the CDs I gave you are virtually the same as the new thread here mentioning it.
You might want to consider getting the TR RegisterCD.rar.
Rick Crawford

Nice to see you posting again, Rick! The lean mean version (Rick 2.0?) will be motoring around normally again soon, I'm sure.

For some reason I hear the Red Green club motto here:

I'm a man and I can change...if I have to..I guess.

I always understood that to be change for our wives, but there are a few motivators besides the molcajete alongside the head "conk!" that make us decide to take a different fork in the road. I'm real glad to hear there were no serious crashes along your way.


Glad to hear you are back. Been off the BBS recently as not in front of my usual computer and was not able to find the site.

Take care and hope to rn into you at Ancaster,


Len Middleton

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