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TR parts and Triumph parts, TR bits, Triumph Car Spares and accessories are available for TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR4, TR4A, TR5, TR6, TR7, TR8, Spitfire and Stag and other TR models are available from British car spares and parts company LBCarCo.

Triumph TR6 - Rimmer, Moss, LBRCar Co

Who's the best supplier? The best prices I've seen are eBay. Moss is very expensive and Rimmer loses advantage with shipping costs. Any others to consider?
B Chamberlain


British auto sport
Fred just move to ....well out in the sticks somewhere.
He is MOSS distributor.

Peninsula Import, oakville

The roadster factory, USA

Heck start crawling the WEB for Canada and or US "TR6 parts suppliers" is that easy these days.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I have had very good service from British Parts Northwest. Their prices are very reasonable.

Here's the link

HP Henry Patterson

I have used LBC and have been pleased. They offer a very nice discount over the usual Moss prices, although since they repackage what they receive from Moss there is a delay in receiving the goods. They ar elocated in Detroit so I expect the time to ship to Ontario shouldnt be much worse than to Ohio.
The Roadster Factory also offers some very nice deals and has some things that few other suppliers have. If they have it in stock it will ship quick, but if you buy on online you wont know its on backorder until you receive the invoice. So for critical must have items it would be best to call them to confirm availability.
British Parts Northwest has excellent prices and if they have it in stock it ships fast. I bought a Robbins top from them last year that was 20% cheaper than the same thing offered by Moss or TRF. They were also very nice is allowing me to return a Monza exhaust system that I had second thoughts about.
Locally I deal with Team Triumph in Warren, Ohio. Scot Harper has a treasure trove of used, NOS, and Moss parts and a wealth of knowledge.
In general I check out all of the above before I buy. It often depends on what your are looking for and how soon you need it.
I find that many of things for sale on ebay can usually be found cheaper from the suppliers mentioned above.
Andrew Blackley

These guys are not the cheapest but they are honest. If the parts not quite up to par but its all thats available they tell you. Point Clark Ont. warehouse.
Bill Brayford


another great source in Len Drakes of DRAKES in British Columbia, He passes his MOSS volume discount right through to you, ships from in canada using greyhound bus so no duties and surprisingly very fast/convenient, especially with the larger parts like a windshield, exhaust system etc (I did a complete rebuild through him) He is also very helpful as a wealth of information and always stears you right

Bob Craske

Gotta agree on all mentioned. I do not think there is a bad source of LBC parts.
Have had good dealings with LBCco. and PBNW. BPNW has good stuff for engine rebuild and shipping is fast other than paying GST to the UPS driver.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I'm prety happy w/ BPNW. They don't have every thing but what they do have is usully less expensive. I don't know how they did it but I ordered a Robbins top on thursday online and recieved it the next day. And I didn't even add extra shipping. Even though there just up I5 aways you can't even ship across town in one day.

I bought an oil filter adapter from them that had a casting defect and I sent it back and they sent me a new one with a couple of bucks tucked inside. NQA

I have to say though the other top three are good too.

Since you mentioned oil filter adapter...I bought BPNW's updated MOCAL adapter with the spring loaded seal. It works great! No more leaks.

HP Henry Patterson

Personal experiences only, not endorsing anyone.

Over the last 20 years I have dealt almost exclusively with TRF. For the majority of that time, Moss was simply overpriced and their staff was not helpful. I have recently started working with one of their 'resellers', LBCARCo in the Detroit area. I have found Jeff to be both user friendly and very much in-tune with our cars. Shipping has not been an issue with LBCARCo.

I have never dealt with VB and cannot put a good reason on it other than it did not feel right. The couple of times I did talk to them I thought I was talking to Dell Computers customer service folks in India. They had no idea of what they were selling.

I have toyed with the idea of dealing with BPNW, but have not had the opportunity to do so yet.

I will say that TRF has been very good in their customer service and providing helpful information as needed. While I have only encountered a few product issues they responded quickly and most definately in my favor everytime. I do have problems with the method they use to handle backorders in that I would like to know about these prior to ordering. I also do not care for the nickel & dime 'handling charge' applied when they ship a backordered item. Ain't the money just the idea.


I have dealt mostly with TRF. If they are out of stock, I have purchased things from Moss or British Victoria.

The folks at TRF do seem more helpful in general and more obliging, but maybe thats because their computer tells them they have lots of my money.

JL Bryan

If you shop at Walmart, expect Walmart service. If you shop at Nordstrom, you pay for the quality service. That being said, I've dealt with most of the companies discussed in this thread and have had good buying experiences except with Rimmer Bros. Please keep in mind, my experiences are based on living in the U.S. If your in Europe or elswhere, disregard my comments. The best PRICE and SERVICE goes to British Parts Northwest (BPNW) and Team Triumph in Warren,Ohio. (most of my new and used parts were purchase from Scott Harper at Team Triumph. This guy knows his Triumphs) The Roadster Factory is the best for customer service, but you pay more. (Their Knowledge is worth it to me!) Moss is good but, I've found them to be more MGB people. Maybe that will change when they introduce there supercharger for the tr-6. Victoria British sometimes has the best price on an item if you watch and compare. Use Rimmer Bros. if you can't find you items in the US. It's a to do a exchange with them. Time frame on my exchange was 5 months!! My performance parts came from Goodparts out of Mounton Pa. I have nothing but paise for Richard Good. I don't know his web address. Just google goodparts and it will show up. So...that's all I'm gonna say.....
See ya later Wally Gator

Like most, I have dealt with most of the usual suspects. Of the BIG THREE over here, the assessments of TRF and Moss are in line with mine. I have had some dealings with VB, and while I can't really say anything bad about the service received, I have found that the quality level of some parts is definitely not up to the level of TRF or Moss. I have also had nice dealings with BPNW and Ted at TSI.

Of the UK suppliers, I have dealt with Rimmer and Revington. Rimmer must be somewhat schizoid as I have not had a a problem with them and neither have some of the people that I know, yet others that I know have not had pleasant experiences. I do like Revington, they have a good deal of rather trick stuff that is pretty much an exclusive to them although periodically some of the trick bits will be picked up by TRF also. I must admit though that the whole across the water thing does add a certain hassle factor that needs to be taken into account.

We have a local Moss distributor that is pretty good too. If I want something Moss, I always get it through them as opposed to going straight to Moss. From other things I have seen people post, dealing with a Moss distributor is better than dealing with Moss and my own experience falls right in line with those posts.

I like APT for performance stuff, really nice folks, great to deal with. They have lots of those odds and ends that you can't just go get anywhere when you are building an engine, plus a nice selection of SU and Weber DCOE parts. I have had to exchange parts on a couple of occasions, never a problem, once they even sent the new part at no charge and it arrived before I had sent the other back to them. Talk about the unexpected and in a good way too. And then there is Richard Good. Talk about someone that is aptly named, as I cannot say enough good things about him. Quick to respond to questions, and sells very nice parts at a fair price. It has not been uncommon to e-mail with a question and have the answer back within hours. His roller rockers are a work of art. If you are looking to improve TR6 performance, you need to become familiar with Revington, APT and Good Parts.

If you do travel to the UK (or plan to) you can't really beat the pricing at Moss in Hanworth. They are near Heathrow airport using airport transfers tonbridge and will provide the paperwork to do a vat free sale (they credit you later). TRGB is also good value, they are near Cambridge which is great if you are heading that way, off the beaten path if you are not! They haven't got the VAT credit thing figured out last I tried. Some items are at 50% less than local suppliers in Canada. Both have online catalogues to check pricing.

p.s. I like good value being a Yorkshireman, for those that don't know "a Yorkshireman is a Scot with his generous streak removed".
P A Smith

Speaking of Yorkshire ... (land of pudding),
Has anyone had any experience with sea freight from the UK?

A couple of years ago I bought my rocker panels from Rimmer. At that time no supplier here in the US had any stock of the rockers. They were a little expensive but very painless in getting them. They came very quickly for an over seas shipment. I was happy. Oh yeah...they were good parts too.

HP Henry Patterson

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