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Triumph TR6 - Road Test

Hello everyone
i was wondering if there is anyone in the greater
Toronto area who has what they would consider a
near perfect car mechanically,who would be willing to
meet to test drive each other's car so that i could find out which noise's are normal and which are not and
also recommend whatever improvements can be made in the fall/winter projects.
I'am a member of the Toronto Triumph Club as well as
the Durham Eastenters British Car Club,so a meeting
at one of their function could be arrang.
M Macdonald

Okay Guys
I'll just have to hunt down my fellow TR6's
at the next car club mtg.
M Macdonald

Malcolm, you got no responses because you set the bar way too high. A TR6 in near perfect mechanical condition? Every one of us, no matter how much work we have done on our car, can still think of many things that it needs in order to be near perfect.

When I bought my TR6 in 1977, I drove a '76 which, at the time, was virtually brand new. I've been chasing that ideal ever since. My advice, for your own peace of mind, is to only drive other TR6's that are worse than your own.

On that basis, I'd be happy to let you have a spin in mine. We'd have to meet in Dryden, though, that being about half way as the goose flies.

Tony (resigned to less than perfect)
A. J. Koschinsky

Malcolm, I'll step up to the plate. I've been dying to drive a stock TR for years. I only got five minutes in mine before the brakes seazed and then tore it all down. My car may not sound like yours but you'll have fun.
Christopher Trace

Hi Malcolm,
I'm in Kitchener...not that far away especially if your in the west side of TO
Charlie B.

I say just drive her and don't look to deep into the award con-course appreciation trophy. If so, you may lose site of the true meaning of the car and its character. It was born with flaws and gives constant birth to them. I found out a TR is alot like owning a century home. There fore enjoy her and her repars that will come. Just my advice.


I'd be happy to meet with you to view your TR6 along-side of mine. I have no problem taking you for a drive in mine, and vise-versa, but I allow no one to drive my TR, nor would I want to drive your TR. As well, classic car insurance can be pretty sticky as to who is insured for driving.

I live in central Toronto. Send me an email if interested.

P Johnston

Hey guy's
thanks for the reply's,Chris a ride in your car would
be great as well as Charlie's,by chance are you two
going to TTC bbq in Bronte on June 17, we could hook up there,Peter you have mail,by the way i live at the
Scarborough/Pickering border.
M Macdonald

No sorry I can't make that one
Charlie B.

Malcolm, I think that Bbq is on June 21st, Tuesday night. I can't make that. But give me a call and we'll
set something up.
Christopher Trace

Well Guys
Peter was able to drive over in his really nice origional 75 TR6, after admiring each other's car we
took each other for a drive,and it was deemed that
my next PLANNED repair/upgrade will have to be the
suspension and what ever bushing that have not already been replaced,as you may know from Peter's past post
his car with the spring and shock upgrade and sway bars
made for a nice handling 6's, thanks again Peter.
So after Peter left i went over to another BBS member's
Ken's house who wanted to try out his 13"Motto Lite steering Wheel which i might add look really nice in my
car ,it too was established that with the smaller wheel
,Charlie's seat track extension and by not installing the radio support bracket he wiil have plenty of leg room.It was pretty tempting of Ken to offer to road test the wheel for a while i declined as i've already raided his parts bin in the past.

Which brings me to the NON- PLANNED repairs as i was pulling into the garage i noticed a strong smell of gas
and once the bonnet was raised i noticed gas dripping
from the bottom of both carb's and at the same time
i notice a trickle of brake fliud where the master
joins the sevo.So as Marcello kindly stated it looks
like the first of my future repairs has arrived,so it of to the archive's i go (any tips or heads up would be appreciated)

So Chris and Charlie we'll have to set something up
when all is sorted out.

M Macdonald

This thread was discussed between 30/05/2005 and 05/06/2005

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