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Triumph TR6 - Rough Idle/Low RPM's Hesitation.....GONE/FIXED

I just spent the best 345.00 I have ever invested into my beloved TR6.
That's right my low idle miss is more hesitation whatsoever, In fact it is running so smooth it is like a new driving experience. After working through the ignition, fuel supply and everything else under the sun to no improvement....all that was left were the Strombergs. I took them off, packed them up and sent them to Apple Hydraulics in New York.

Let me tell you.....they arrived back to me in 8 days and they may as well be brand new!! Not only do they
function perfectly....they look so remarkable....the brass pins and screws are all shiny....I kid you not they look brand new.

I took this opportunity to bead bleast the manifolds
and re-paint the block, lacquered the intake and used Estwood paint on the exhaust....put it all back togethor with new nuts/bolts/studs and the performance gasket from Moss.....The car fired right up.....amazing! It is running great. Rick C. ship your carbs off you will be so happy!!

Jeff Shirhall

This thread was discussed on 18/10/2002

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