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Triumph TR6 - Rough Idle/popping on deceleration 2

Are we happy now?
Hay, you can not blame the length of the thread on guys are the ones doing all the posting!! Ya, I guess it is a record. Beleive me, I did not want it to go on so long. Before I go see Joe Who? I am going to get one more piece to the puzzle solved (answered) on..
Seriously..I appreciate all the input guys and it is frustrating.
Bill Brayford and I have been talking via e-mail and he has offered to help. I have sent to Bill a set of compression readings without squirts of oil in cylinder and a set with squirts...engine cold. Then another set with engine at operating temp. ( If anyone else wants to see the numbers e-mail me and I will forward).
Bill is obviously and experienced TR guy and for sure knows a lot more than I do. Bill has offered to take this info to friends that only do engine rebuilds..2 heads are better than one.
So publicly... Thank you Bill. Also thanks to all the posters with your helpfull suggestions. For it is you that has helped to create the shouild be proud of yourselves.
OK someone call GUINNESS.
Will let you know what Bill has to say for himself.
Rick C
Rick Crawford


Call GUINESS? Are we ordering Stouts? (it was cheap....but somebody had ta do it!)

Rod Nichols

I think I found it...OK stop clapping now (or what ever you are doing or saying:) I am going to blame the length of this thread on one person..Mr Rick O. He is the one how got me muckin' about with the BPV...and to boot he is switching over to SUs....just kiddin Rick. Any way the front BPV is the one I am having problems with. They are both new and mostly the front one wants to pull the whole afair
(o-ring,screw, and hex piece) in when the valve seats with a SLAP.. Air is now coming in where the o-ring should be seating. Today with suggestions from Bill B I went out and again look at the BPV. With the engine running I put my finger over the screw hole and RPM jumps up!. I think I had it set, went for a drive and virtually no popping on deceleration or at idle!! JOY OF JOYS!!! So I thought I would be smart and put in a "blank" gasket to shut the whole thing down. Well it was almost as bad as before. So it is back to what I had and I wiil see if I can find that sweat spot again. No wonder the front plugs looked like they where brand wonder I had such good gas mileage...I was running on air for the front 3!
So Rod, Yes we are ordering Stouts! YA HO!
OK DON K and Chris..what do you gotta say for yourselfs?
And that only cost me 10Million hairs!
Rick C
As Don E would say: here endith the lesson.

P.S. A great big thanks to Bill Brayford for his generious assistance and with helpfull advice.

now where did I put that darn hair piece?
Rick Crawford

All I have to say is "Thank God"
Don K.

All I have to say is "Thank God"
Don K.
By the way, does Dr. Bill do house calls?

Rick C. You've got it solved just in time for the big winter sleep! Guess what? The SU's went on and came off--me thinks some R&R is in order before they'll work right. So for now, the trusted Stroms are back in service. Cheers for finding the problemo, don't worry about the burnt exhaust valve seats on the front 3 yet;)

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

This thread was discussed between 09/10/2002 and 12/10/2002

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