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Triumph TR6 - Running rough after long inactivity

Hey, how are you guys doing?

You haven't heard from me for a while. My 71 was doing great. And then...

Last December, I had a really bad accident, but not in the TR6. It involved a bicycle, big time surgery, 8 weeks in a wheelchair and lots of rehab, which is still ongoing.

Right before the accident, my fuel pump went out. I ordered a new one and it came after I got hurt. In February, I got my youngest son to help me put it in and we drove the TR6 a few miles to check it out. It ran ok.

Since then, I didn't drive it until today. My little incident affected my left leg, so I couldn't work a clutch. It is much, much better now.

She, if it is a she, is really running rough. She started up pretty easily, but after a few miles starting running rough. I am not sure where to start--new plugs, new points, carbs, timing, etc. Basically, it set idle for about 8 months.

So where do I start?

As always, thanks.
John Bryan

Hi John... if the new fuel pump worked and your see-through fuel filter has gas in it (good flow to the carbs) then I'd start with a fuel system cleaner in your gas tank. A combo cleaner that deals with condensate (water) and the varnish effect that gums up carbs. Gotta be something simple if you were running well before your accident.

Ken Shaddock

Hello John,

Many possibilities,

Like a carb float sticking in gum or it could be as simple as an oil empty dashpot. Ther is O-rings at needle level which sometimes need replacement weak they leak oil.


Jean G.
J. G. Catford


Glad to see you're recovering from your accident. That must have been heck. In Canada, we don't hear about too many local bicycle accidents in December.

You might want to check the fuel pump. I replaced a fuel pump a couple of years ago and it failed after 60 miles. The gasoline attacked the pump membrane and it started to leak. There was apparently some bad pumps in the market. The symptoms start to be a loss of power (run rough) at higher RPM because not enough gas is being supplied. Then, as the pump gets worse it won't start at all since it gets no gas. I got stuck 5 miles from home and had to get the car towed. But that is another story and there is a thread in the archive about it.

I would agree with Jean and Ken. A possible cause is the gummy polymer that is created if the gasoline is not stabilized and when it evaporates and leaves a residue. This affects the fuel flow in the carb. Although I store my car in the winter for 5-6 months and have never had a problem. I don't typically stabilize my gasoline and I let the gas evaporate out of the fuel bowls on the carbs.

Look for vacuum lines that have fallen off or come loose. That will affect the performance.

Unless you worked in the engine area, there should be no reason your timing should have changed that drastically.

Check for moisture in the distributor cap.

Let us know if anything works.

Michael Petryschuk

Fuel pump sounds like a good thing to check.

I got some stp fuel system cleaner, but the heat index here is above 100 and it is about to storm. Maybe tomorrow.

Also, I'll check the carbs and just mess around under the bonnet and see whats up.

If I find anything, I'll report.

John Bryan

This thread was discussed between 13/08/2010 and 14/08/2010

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