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Triumph TR6 - Salute to Veterans

A thanks to all you fellow veterans today!
I just found out that Applebees is honoring vets with a free meal. Check out their website for locations. No affiliation w/them!
Thanks again!
ED Edward Dorsch

Lowes and Home Depot are offering a 10% discount up to $5K and $2K respectively and Golden Corral offers a free meal today also in honor of those who have served.
Doug Baker

Was having a quick beer with some of the guys i have been on course with in Ottawa here for the past few days when i noticed this younger gent, early 20's or so, kind of ragged clothes, piered eyebrow and pierced lip, well what got my attention was that he kept staring at a couple of well decorated vets that were having a quiet conversation and a beer at a table in the corner. It was begining to piss me off, as i was thinking that this "punk" was going to say something to these 2 old guys, call them murderers or something like that, when the kid got up, and walked up to the bar to pay his bill. Good i thought, he is one less jerk in this place, but then he walked up to the 2 old guys, chatted with them for just a moment, shook their hands and all i could hear him say was "thank you, thank you so much for what you did" and then he was out the door. I sat there, not believing that those words came out of this kids mouth, and what topped it off was a minute later, the waitress came over and told the 2 old guys that this pierced faced kid had paid for their beers.
Had to turn my face away for a moment, think i got something in my eye that made it water.............
Mitch Smith

Mitch, I must tell you, your story is truly "one for the books" and it also brings to mind another old expression about a book and it's cover. Yours had to be an unforgetable experience!
Kyran Mackey

Thanks Mitch! As the son of a WWII vet who slogged his way up through muddy, sunny, Italy from Sicily in 1943 / 44 the life of vets is near and dear to me. Dad was also a copper post war so service in the face of adversity & abuse was the norm in our family. I too appreciated the story. It wasn't too long ago (a couple of years) that "punks" urinated on the War Memorial in Ottawa. Maybe this guy was one of those vandals. Ken
Ken Shaddock

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