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Triumph TR6 - Searching for a TR

I have been looking for a TR for a while now, sadly I have not found one yet. It seems I travel far to see a poorly maintained car.Anyone know of a Tr for sale in Peterborough/Oshawa area?
B.J. Wolfer

try the toronto triumph club at
and check out the classified section,also the durham eastenders and their classifieds.
M Macdonald

What condition are you looking for? I know there was someone in the Ottawa Valley Triumph Club with a nice one for sale earlier this summer (
M Burtt

Yup, your best bet is the Toronto Triumph Club (TTC).
TR6s you see in rags like Auto Trader are the ones that require a lot of TLC.
Good luck and when you find one, if you have a question about it, ask here.
Rick C
Rick Crawford


Good TR6's can be had from Len Drake at Drake's British Motors in Kelowna, BC. A little farther than your area of choice but if you want a rust-free, western US TR6 Len is the guy to see. You can buy a clean resto project or a driver - just depends on how much you want to spend. All his prices are in CDN $$. We shipped two TR6's from Kelowna,BC to St. John's Nfld last Spring for $2000 each, tax incl delivered to the door by SEARAIL. Prices have likely increased due to the GAS GOUGE. Try

Good luck
Bob Evans

would you be looking at a TR4 by any chance?

I have a solid low mileage 1976 with overdrive which all the usual difficult work has been performed such as rebuilt half shafts,reinforced diff mounts, crank trust washers, u joings and bushings etc. just to mention a few. Check you email. Dave
David B

What are you looking for and what is your budget? Thanks, Brdave
David B

I've mentioned a couple of times on this board that I've got a really clean 76 6 for sale (will be in the national old car trader Nov 3 issue). be glad to email details if your interested.

To all who have replied, thanks for your help. I have found my TR.Hope to be posting regularly.This board is quite informative with good hints. ttfn.
B.J. Wolfer

Somebody should tell that guy that we are just a CIA front

Don, don't tell him we're a CIA front, let him find out the way the rest of us did...

c.a.e. emenhiser

Brian AKA B.J. Wolfer
How funny it is that CIA should be mentioned here.

Not much goes on in the local world of TRing that passes by this sleuth and goes un-noticed.

Yes Brian I know whose TR you bought.
Apparently Matti Holland is now the past owner of a Red TR6 (with red wheel rims) and Brian is now the current owner. This transaction is occurring as I type.
I remember Matti first coming on this BBS asking for help in choosing a TR6. Brian you got a good solid car that was cared for by Matti.

Matti, all the best to you and you wife. Enjoy your trip to Africa. This sounds like the adventure of a life time. When You decide to get back into LBCs, it better be a TRIUMPH:) Are you aware you just became a PO?...I am sure with out the D:)

Brian, welcome to the land of the insane.
You now need to post to the current thread TR6 OWNERS AGE. I know of another Green TR6 your location in Ontario.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

This PO plans to monitor the site regularily and conduct surveilance on the CO (Current Owner). Having spent a little time with Brian and his lovely co-pilot, I know this car is in good hands and will enjoy many happy miles ahead.

Thanks to everyone who made this car such a wonderful experience. It's all about the people.

Hope to see you at the next Bronte show.
Mati Holland

CO will be here, filtering the mounds of books PO has obtained.We do not want to Po the Po
B.J. Wolfer

Hi Mati! You may not have realised this, but I am African-Canadian, you don't have to be black to be from Africa:-)
I lived in what is now Zimbabwe until 1970, still have a duaghter and her family living there. Interested to know where you are going in Africa, its quite a big place?

Have a great trip regardless, we look forward to seeing you again.
Simon Rasmussen

Hey Mati,
Have a safe trip......I know you'll miss your 6 ! Hope to see you at the next Bronte !
Charlie B.

Trip of a life time Simon. My wife isn't a rough and ready adventurer so we're taking a pampered tour. (South Africa) Cape Town, (Zimbabwe) Victoria Falls, Johannesburg, (Kenya)Nairobi, (Tanzania) Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park, (Kenya) Maasai Mara. 20 days in total with several internal flights and a huge memory card in my camera. It's amazing how far a good used TR6 will get you.

Charlie, my wife still hasn't forgiven me so I suspect I'll be out looking next fall. With this fantasic weather we're having, we're already missing the 6.
Mati Holland

Looking for a winter project Tr6 {1973} Hopefully not rotten. But might cosider anything. Thanks Chris

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