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Triumph TR6 - Shake rattle and....

Having sorted out the rattles in the doors and door trim, I'm left with numerous disturbing rattles from the rear of the car. I am guessing that most of them are the body, but are there any common sources of noise that can be investigated?
It's worth noting that it has rear telescopic shockers mounted on the inner arches...and they have caused the steel to crack! SO I will be fabricating some more brackets to transfer the load to the chassis where the designers intended it to go :-)

Any helpful hints?

aj mcmurray


Rattles or clunks. If inner arches are cracked how are your body mounts. Those silly shocks are moving the whole works up and down against the frame. The frame is only 16 gauge on these things and the body is less. There aren't very many mounting points all welded nuts if one has broken loose from being lifted up and down may be a problem but I would think more of a clunk unless real loose and rattling. If its only a rattle type sound is it on the road or idling. Idling is probably exhaust. Some differential gear problems can make a rattle sound as well but will change only under load conditions not hitting bumps.

If its a clunk the differential mounts are broken. Put in gear move foreward move back if you feel or hear a clunk mount pins are broke from frame. Thinking on it if the upper pins have broke loose and are wobbling it may produce a rattle but should change under torque. Most folks repair only the bottom U when the whole works is about to fall out.

Please let me know more. My family emigrated from Betley area in the 1880s and go back tracable to about 1700. I believe that would be the same area as west midlands.

I am presently doing a frame off on my 72 TR6 so if I can help on any items on your hunt let me know.

Bill Brayford
B Brayford

Try contacting the TR Reg Shropshire group for contact details for affordable chassis mounted brackets.
I have an early set in alloy which bolted only onto the lever arm shocker mountings- but the top of the shocker moved for and aft fracturing the lower section of the chassis cross-piece below the bolts.I cured this by boltig the top of the bracket through the adjacent body with appropriate packing. But the best version bolts to the lever arm mounts and to the bump stop bracket.
Peter Cobbold

This thread was discussed between 25/08/2002 and 29/08/2002

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