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Triumph TR6 - Sheet Metal Rambling Noise

Hi, Just joined the group !
I have a 76 TR6, this past weekend, I heard a sheet metal rambling type of noise only when I depress the clutch to change geras, most evident when I was at a red light with the clutch depressed waiting for the light to change. I hope its not as serious as it sounds, any thoughts...
Thanks for your help !
L.T. Tawil


Welcome aboard!

It sounds like your clutch throw out bearing is going bad. That will require gearbox removal for replacement.

One piece of advice - don't hold the clutch pedal down while waiting for a light to change. Firstly, it causes the throw out bearing to work a lot harder and can lead to early demise. Secondly, this will cause the engine crankshaft rear thrust washer to wear out prematurely. This can be very costly to rectify if not caught immediately!

Tom Sotomayor

Hi Lt,
To add to Tom's advice.... it's a lot easier on the thrust washers and rear bearing if you start the car in neutral..they'll last a lot longer !
It sounds like you have a winetr project with your clutch...have fun!

Charlie B.

Is it best to start in neutral with the clutch pedal down or not down ?
Eric de Lange

Hi Eric,
I've read and been told by mechanics NOT to have the clutch down when starting..

Charlie B.

Hi L.T. ,
Welcome from me as well.
Have a check on the spigot bearing as well.
These can sometimes make a similar noise.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

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