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Triumph TR6 - Shifter rattle when accelerating

Here's a problem, looking for advice. I've had the 72 trans overhauled, is running fine after 1000 miles. Problem is that when I mash the gas, a rattle comes up through the shift lever and really is loud. If you hold the shifter or let off of the accelerator the noise stops. I know I have the little metal pin and tiny spring in there, is there some worn part that could vibrate or do you think its inside the transmission?


Walter Dobbins

The retainer plate that sits under the gear lever cap is held in place via a spring, if the spring is upside down it will it loose when you press down on it ? As a sidebar I discovered by squirting some oil on it a couple of times my shifting became a lot smoother.
Charlie B.

Hi Charlie, I checked the spring, wide end at the top, and it's tight.
I was looking some more and am thinking I could try tightening the side ajustment bolts. Any experience with that stopping a rattle?
Walter Dobbins

Hi Walter,

This may sound retarded, but I had a similar problem that annoyed me for a couple weeks, i.e. loud rattle from what I thought was the gear box when I was reving higher than normal that seemed to start happening after I replaced my clutch. It turned out to simply be that the screw to my fancy wood shift knob was ever so slightly loose. I put a little wood glue in there and I could rev up as much as I pleased.

Ignatius Rigor

Walter, my shifter buzzes too. I think of it as getting feed-back from the 6. I may try squirting some oil and glue in the aforementioned spots but may not as that could lead to hearing yet other strange sounds.

c.a.e. emenhiser

I have (had) the same problem. First there is some forgien material in in the knob (old glue) so it acts like a rattle. Second, tuneing was way out, rear carb was way too rich caused the engine to vibrate. Three, I have a bad cylinder. I only get 120psi compression out of #5 which compounded #2. I took care of the first 2 and 90% of the problem is gone. I still have the problem a little and seems to be getting better, I'll have to do a compression check again to monitor the pressure, it may be coming up. Pull plug wires from the distributer one at a time and check the RPM drop. They should be equal. Question, does it do it in top gear or just in fist three gears? Could be a Transmission problem. Maybe a constant mess gear tooth missing if only in 1-3 gear.

My shifter vibrates like that in first gear on my 6 and only happens when it feels like it. Sometimes it's as smooth as silk. Other times it vibrates and loudly. Any thoughts?
MB Mike

Walter, to solve the shifter 'rattle', you may have to remove the shifter from the gearbox. You will find a small pin and spring at the bottom end of the shaft. These may be either missing or worn. You can see these parts in the Moss catalogue. One must be very carefull in replacing these, since they may fall out of the hole they go in when repalcing the shifter back in place. Some grease to hold them in place would help.
Pete Russell
Pete Russell

Well, I took the shifter out again and checked for correct (large) spring location and the pin and small spring, it all looks good. Looked up the instructions for adjusting the "bolt guides" and followed them precisely. So its back together but didn't get it tested yet. It's not a daily driver right now, will follow up and let you know if it's improved. One last thought though, I've been running without the shifter boot on it. Planning to remove the drive tunnel again to get the new shifter cover on because the fiberglass "hole" needs to be enlarged a bit.

Walter Dobbins

This thread was discussed between 11/07/2005 and 18/07/2005

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