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Triumph TR6 - Shifting Problem

I'm a new owner of a 71 TR6. Lately I've experienced trouble getiing the transmission into gear at idle.
What would be the first thing to check to fix this problem?
Frank C

You could try bleeding the clutch and if that has no effect then move the rod at the slave cylinder to the "shortest" position instead of the middle hole.
If you do that check if the holes in the yoke of the rod are seriously out of round - if so that extra slop could be the problem.

Brent B

Check your clutch master cylinder - it may be low on fluid. Might be cause by lack of proper service or a leaking slave cylinder.
Bob Blair

Our clutches are heavy and have very little movement. So any problems would cause clutch non operation. Do as said so far especially the clutch bleed at the slave cylinder...keep fluid in the master clutch cylinder while doing the bleed. From a post last year re a clutch problem:" check all the pushrods, clevis pins etc for wear as a little wear in each of them adds up". These holes that the pins are in will elongate with age and this is "play" which makes for less movement of the clutch fork arm (the arm that disappears into the clutch housing). Also check the travel of the slave push rod. It should be 1/2" to 5/8".
Another members pet peve is the thrust washers. This can also cause poor clutch.
Where is Bill anyway?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Any chance the pin is broken?
Don K

Frank Presuming the clutch is ok, the most likely problem is just old age and when trying to engage 1st gear, The best way to drive round a problem like this without a g/box rebuild is to select 2nd gear then straight forward into 1st, It is things like this that give old cars character and make us love to hate them! Where in Florida are you?, We have a British car meet in Lake Worth this sunday It would be great to meet up. Clive

This thread was discussed between 13/02/2005 and 14/02/2005

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