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Triumph TR6 - Silicone? Dot 3? Dot 4?

Ahhh - Spring is here and life is grand. Time for change of season maintenance and we've a track meeting in early October.

As part of the brake work I'm about to do, I found this very good article on brake fluids.

It answers many commonly asked questions and misconceptions.
Roger H

Great link Roger. I think we all tend to forget the brake maintenance. I still use dot 3/4 in the rolling stock.

Hope your summer works out better than our last. Only decent weather we have had above 20 on average is just hitting now. From the last 60 years of experience it will only be a couple of weeks and then way below freezing.

Bill Brayford

Thanks for the reminder Bill......NOT!

Yes Roger, a great link and will go down nicely in the ARCHIVES. I agree with you Bill. Yes the article has a statement at the bottom but it is true. When was the last time you took your family ride in for an oil change and it was suggested to you to change the brake fluid?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

If in doubt, flush it out! As often as every year, it's not expensive or difficult.

This thread was discussed on 24/09/2004

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