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Triumph TR6 - slight problem with the overdrive

The overdrive engages fine on 2,3,& 4 but as soon as I change gear it also stops,but one flick of the switch on it goes again. Guess something has come adrift,my two trusty manuals don't tell me the answer.Surely once overdrive has beem selected it stays 'in' until you switch it off??
Carrel Jevons

A or J
Don Kelly

If my column switch is "on", my A type will disconnect when I pull out of gear but reconnect when I shift back in on gears 2, 3, 4 without having to touch the column switch.

Is this a new thing or has it always been that way?

If a new problem, for it not to reconnect unless you re flip the column switch I would suspect dirty connections or a bad contact in the column switch.
If always that way I would confirm that the wiring hasn't been modified by others along the way for some purpose.
Michael Petryschuk

Yes I would also agree with Michael about dirty column switch connections. It's easy to take out and clean,
Kypros Christodoulides

Thanks for your replies.I will have to jack the car up and find out which o'drive unit I have got.This winter I have greened the engine and have found out that I have an old 150hp engine fitted in a '74 car,the wrong headgasket proved the point 3 times,anyway done that so guess o'drive unit is an A but will check soon.It has always come out of overdrive using the clutch and I have got used to blipping the sprungloaded column switch BUT now its the next job on the list.When I flip the switch it goes into o'drive and flip it again and it comes problems nice and smooth.So I will have a look underneath and report back.
Carrel Jevons

Sounds like the wiring to the interlock switches on the transmission is not as it should be and it is interconnected to the clutch which it shouldn't be.
Michael Petryschuk

Carrel quote" "Surely once overdrive has beem selected it stays 'in' until you switch it off??" This true other than in 1st gear or reverse of course.

I have found the best way to deal with our "delicate" transmisions and overdrives is to use them the way they where designed to be used. And this goes with any OD transmission. Simply use it only in the top gear. I have found it not necessary to touch it in lower gears. I only use it at highway speeds. When I am gearing down (slowing down) I first take it out of OD and that is it.

Rick Crawford

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