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Triumph TR6 - Smokey exhaust

I took my '76 tr6 out for a spin yesterday for the first time in 2 months. I have 83,000 miles on the car and have never had a problem in the past with a smokey exhaust. However, I am now getting a "puff" of smoke in between shifts. I used to know what problem that potentially could be but I think I killed those brain cells a long time ago. Any help would be appreciated.
Mike Parkhill


Usually it is a valve guide prob. Thumb rule 1: Smokey exhaust all the time is a trouble at pistons level(rings) and a puff of smoke while changing speeds means prob. at valves level ( and guides) or valve seals if equipped.

Cheers, J.G.Catford
Jean G. Catford

Blue smoke(oil burning) or white (antifreeze)? Its puzzling that it should appear after the car has stood for two months. At such low mileage it would not to me seem likely to be valve guides. Could it be a sticking piston ring or maybe head gasket- try a compression test?
P H Cobbold

Try a few onces of 'Seafoam' in your oil - you have sticking rings. Peter G
Peter G

Thanks for the input. I'll do a compression check this weekend. Peter, what is "Seafoam"?
Mike Parkhill

Almost the same thing you'd get from driving 8' down a 6' boat ramp...:)
Brent B

Seafoam is an additive. Don't know were you would buy were you are but it works. Check a marine dealer if you can't find elsewhere. Used a lot in outboard engines due to storage problems.

So Brent was on the right track with Seafoam. Up to towing his boat with a TR6?? Folks down there do strange things I hear. I believe it has something to do With that "Good Old Mountain Dew". Brents area of North America pretty much invented Moonshine, Stock Car Racing and Hot Engined cars. Plus best movie ever "THUNDER ROAD" 1958.

I don't see New Jersey being too warm right now so this may go away in nice weather and a good drive as well. Best not to leave any engine unstarted and warmed up for any length of time. Used to make that a Sunday thing fire up warm up down driveway and home.

Bill Brayford

Yeh, find some Seafoam - a coupla ozs in you oil and most likely, your problem will go away. Although it's only a few thousanths, your bores wear tapered, and the rings will stick, when sitting, to a diameter smaller than the top of the bore, hence oil burning. Seafoam will disolve gums and varnishes (carbon too) and release the rings. Peter G
Peter G

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