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Triumph TR6 - Smoking Wires

After getting the brake and clutch master cylinders replaced I took the TR (71) out for an evening drive. I had on the headlights as it was just gettign dusk. As we wer motoring along The Prince of Darkness struck. The wire bundle that runs along the drives seat to the rear lights, fuel pump, ad fuel sending unit started smoking!

I got home and let it cool down and then restarted. the car.

I fired it up this morning and it craked right over and runs fine. However I have no lights. The fule pump appears to be working as does the gas gauge.

When I pulled off the carboard divider by the fuel tank in the trunk I saw 2 wires with clips on them just dangling by the fuel tank. I have looked on top of the tank to see if there are any obvious connections and can see none.

Does anyone have any idea if what these wires might be and if they could have caused the short.

How difficult is it to isolate the bad wire and then replace it (them)? I hope not too difficult as I have
little time before the weather gets to be perfect driving!.

Don B

My '71 TR has two courtesy lights in the carboard divider by the fuel tank??
TAJ Hill

Don, These 2 wires would be push on plug connectors they should be covered (plastic) and will only come on by a trunk open switch.

Keith Dixon

Don What color are the wires?

My '71 has trunk courtesy lamp wiring (but no lamp until I get that done). The wires you describe could easily be the source of your trouble.

EC Smith


The wire seems to be purple

If it is a solid puple it is the power feed for the boot light. If it is P/W then it is the switch grounding side and would only just keep your light on if it was loose and touching something.

This thread was discussed between 08/05/2005 and 11/05/2005

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