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Triumph TR6 - Some more 'after' pics

Got lots done this past month. Front and rear suspension is on, front and rear brakes done and installed. Steering rack installed. New brake lines plumbed in. Engine/trans/OD bolted onto the chassis.
It almost looks like a car again.....

Mitch Smith

another one

Mitch Smith

Looks great Mitch!

Can't wait to see the finished car
HP Henry Patterson

Absolutely top drawer Mitch. You are doing it the way it should be done.
Rick Crawford

Finally got the body stripped and primed and off to the body mans place.
Should have a nice shiney tub in about 8 weeks, then the fun begins of putting it all back together, with a target date of driving it this summer!

Mitch Smith

one more shot

Mitch Smith

Looking good Mitch.

Michael Petryschuk

The car looks superb thus far Mitch. I'll bet your palms sweat at times in anticipation of what will be.

What colour have you chosen?

Ken Shaddock

Did not realize it was a 250 Mitch till I saw the tub. Sure is going to end up a beautiful restoration.

I await more future pics.


Oh ya. Seeing your tub, sure brought back some old memories...good ones.
Rick Crawford

Thanks for the positive comments guys, helps keep me motivated! The colour is "conifer" which was a 1968/1969 colour, thats the way the car came so I will be going with that. My last big hurdle is trying to find the correct seats. I have some early TR6 seats in there now ( with the flip down headrests) but finding 250 seats is a bit of a challenge.....

Mitch Smith

Mitch... I have a contact in BC that may be able to help you. I think his current project is a TR4 but he's always into fixing, building, restoring somthing. I'll connect with him and see if he can help.

Ken Shaddock

Got the tub/doors/fenders/hood and trunk back yesterday. Pretty happy with the results. Now the fun begins! The garage is kinda cluttered at the moment, so excuse the mess!

Mitch Smith

Finally getting back out in the garage and getting some work done. Got the body back on the frame today, going to fit the doors tomorrow and adjust the gaps if required.
Here are a couple of shots

Mitch Smith

One more

Mitch Smith

Hello Mitch,

Nice paint job. I noticed you are well equipped to do the body lowering. Is is a TR250 original color? I do not remember it.


Jean G.
J. G. Catford

Jean, yes it is the original color for this car, can not remember the paint code off the of my head, but it is "conifer" green. I thnk it was also available for TR6's in the early part of '69.
Mitch Smith

Finished the fuel injection. The only snag was that my header would not fit, so I am using the stock exhaust manifold for the time being. Built and installed all new fuel lines, overhauled the injectors and got the rest of the vacuum lines installed. It gets pretty busy under the hood with this setup.!

Mitch Smith

Another one

Mitch Smith

Hey Mitch. Somebody stole your carbs.

I'm waiting for Mitch to respond with "Thank God".
Rod Nichols

I may be begging for a set after this experience!
Mitch Smith

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